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Ariel Winter rose to fame ABC’s award-winning comedy Modern Family, and since then, she has become a huge star on social media. In the past few years, Winter’s 8-year-old niece Skylar Gray has also begun a promising acting career with roles on Married, Life in Pieces, and most recently, CBS’s Me, Myself & I.

Gray portrays the main character Alex’s (Bobby Moynihan) young daughter Abby on the new sitcom, which follows a man through the various stages of his life. Although it’s not strange that ’s niece is following in her aunt’s footsteps, a recent report about how much Skylar Gray makes for each episode of Me, Myself & I is blowing people’s minds.

Ariel Winter's Niece Makes An Insane Amount Of Money On CBS's Me, Myself & I

Not only does Skylar Gray have the unwavering support of her aunt on social media, but she is also making some serious cash on the new CBS sitcom. TMZ is reporting that the 8-year-old is banking a staggering $12,500 per episode for Me, Myself & I and is scheduled to appear in at least 6 episodes of the show.

If Gray does appear in the 6 episodes she is scheduled, then she stands to make $75,000 this year alone. Yes, an 8-year-old will have made more money than most police officers, teachers, nurses, enlisted military personnel, and pilots make in a single year. While this news may have you banging your head against the keyboard, it’s even more impressive if you know how much she could stand to make if she starred in every episode.

Since Me, Myself & I has received a 13 episode season, Skylar Gray could have made upwards of $162,500 this year if she starred in every episode, which would have put her in the same salary bracket as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and a bevy of other jobs that require years of training. It’s worth noting that it’s tough for any actor to book a gig on any major network TV show, and even if they do, the work is far less steady than many other jobs.

While Skylar Gray’s salary of $12,500 seems like a lot for a kid to make for an episode of a TV show, she still has barely scratched the surface of what her aunt Ariel Winter makes for an episode of Modern Family. For years, Winter reportedly made between $15,000 and $25,000 per episode, but she recently renegotiated her contract for Modern Family Season 9, where she will make a whopping $100,000 per episode.

The standard Modern Family season airs about 22 episodes, which would bank Winter around $2.2 million per year. It’s probably not surprising to anyone to learn that TV actors make a lot of money, but it seems a lot more visceral when you see those numbers on paper. In any case, both Ariel Winter and Skylar Gray have a bright future ahead of them.

Modern Family is currently airing its ninth season on ABC Wednesdays at 9PM/ET and Me, Myself & I is in its freshman season on CBS Mondays at 9:30PM/ET.

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(Source: TMZ)


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