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Things look to be serious between Modern Family star Ariel Winter and boyfriend Levi Meaden, with the loved-up duo showing their commitment to each other with matching tattoos!

After first asking fans on Twitter for tattoo ideas, the two actors debuted their ink via snapchat, revealing a wedge of cheese and a jar of peanut butter on the inside of their fingers. showed off the ink via snapchat, captioning the image "peanut butter and cheese with my love."

[Credit: Snapchat/Ariel Winter]
[Credit: Snapchat/Ariel Winter]

However, that wasn't the only matching tattoo Winter received, also showing off a small tattoo she shared with her best friend, Jessie Berg. Each had half of a heart tattooed to symbolize the friendship, and although she captioned the snap "me n bae," she later took to Twitter to confirm that the bae in question was actually her best friend, rather than Meaden.

[Credit: Snapchat/Ariel Winter]
[Credit: Snapchat/Ariel Winter]

But Winter's ink addiction didn't stop there! She also flashed another tattoo on her wrist, which looked to be a snake making its way down her forearm.

These are by no means the first tattoos for Winter, who in the past told ET Online she "loves tattoos," believing them to be "a super fun way of expressing yourself." In addition to these three new tats, the 19-year-old also has a small black spade on the inside of her wrist as a tribute to her poker-playing grandmother; October 3, 2012 — the date of that she moved in with her sister — on her arm; the initials of her nieces and nephews on her rib cage; a tiger on her back; and a Greek quote on her hip.

What celebrity tattoo is your favorite?

(Source: ET Online)


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