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Ariel Winter is well-known for her rallying cries encouraging body positivity, but it wasn't always this way for the 18-year-old. Luckily, Ariel just so happened to work alongside the wonderful during her teenage years and the ultra-confident Colombian bombshell taught Winter to appreciate her curvy figure.

As almost any big busted girl will tell you, being a teenager and becoming comfortable with your new figure is a self-conscious time. Contending with the paranoia that everyone you know is eyeing up your figure is bad enough, but when the eyes of the world are on you, it must be even harder.

Ariel has candidly discussed just how it feels to have the whole world making comments on the way your body just happens to fit into clothes, and believe it or not, the scrutiny doesn't exactly inspire self-love:

"As soon I went to my first or second Emmys, I was criticized; I was called fat; I was told I was dressing like a slut because I had larger breasts. It was harder for me to dress my body but still feel good in what I was wearing. The criticism was really harsh and really difficult."

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Although being judged like this by grown adults obviously dented Ariel's burgeoning self-esteem, she credits her Modern Family step-grandmother Sofia Vergara with helping her to fully embrace her new shape and see her own beauty:

Winter eventually had a breast reduction due to back and neck problems, along with difficulties finding clothes to fit her for red carpet events, but she is disappointed that some people feel this surgery has made her a less valid ambassador for body positivity:

"[After I decided to get breast-reduction surgery,] I definitely had a lot of people who were bashing me for being affiliated with body-positivity campaigns, and telling me, "You got plastic surgery, so basically you don't promote body positivity and you don't love yourself." And that's completely untrue. As soon as I had large breasts, I was severely uncomfortable; I had really bad back problems; I couldn't fit into a lot of clothes; I had really bad indents in my shoulders from heavy bras; I could barely stand up straight.

I felt it was necessary for me, and I made the choice entirely for me. I think it can definitely be empowering if you make a change for yourself that you always felt you wanted. If it raises your self-esteem and makes you more confident, then it's up to you and you should do whatever you want."

You do you, Ariel!


Do you agree with Ariel Winter's words on body positivity?

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