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Despite still being 11 months away, we already know quite a bit of information about Justice League. Now, ironically enough, two of the movie's most exciting surprises were given to us by extras' listings on IMDb: A visit to Arkham Asylum and a possible appearance by other prominent characters.

Batman-News noticed that two extras updated their credits from the film, revealing we will see the infamous Arkham Asylum in the movie. Now, is of course to be taken with a grain of salt as IMDb can be edited by anyone, but judging by their small roles, it looks like the actors were simply adding credit to their work.

Take a look at their listings: "Arkham Guard" and "Arkham Guard 2."

Source: IMDb
Source: IMDb
Source: IMDb
Source: IMDb

The inclusion of Arkham Asylum doesn't come out of nowhere though, as we saw The Joker locked up in the facility in . The question is...

How Does The Asylum Come Into Play During The Film?

In the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman, the Caped Crusader pays a visit to Lex Luthor in prison. After threatening the madman, Batman states he managed to have Luthor transferred to Arkham Asylum. We've theorized that Luthor will play a big part in Superman's resurrection in Justice League due to his extensive Kryptonian knowledge, so it's possible the JL visit him in the madhouse.

I'm most interested in the possibilities of showing the asylum through 's vision with his penchant for Easter Eggs and homages. It'd be a huge wasted opportunity to not at least mention some of Batman's most formidable foes, like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, or Clayface. Their appearance/mention doesn't even have to take away from the overall story, as a cool, short cameo could be included, like what was done in with Two-Face:

It was a subtle and quick reference that didn't detract from the overall plot. Thanks to a Batman v Superman Easter Egg, we know Harvey Dent most likely hasn't gone through his horrific transformation yet, but this kind of cameo could be done with any other villain for continuity's sake (except for the villains shown in Suicide Squad, as they aren't being held in Arkham but in Belle Reve).

That's not all the clues IMDb held for us, though.

Could This Comic Book Nod Be Teasing New Characters In The DCEU?

I started going through the cast list and came across an actor named Pete Buzzsaw Holland. The individual is listed as "Gotham Wild Cat Supporter."

Source: IMDb
Source: IMDb

What does that have to do with anything? Well, it once again shows Snyder's love for obscure comic book lore. You see, the Gotham City Wildcats are a football team referenced in Manhunter #17, an issue which featured an appearance from himself:

Manhunter is a former antihero-turned-supervillain-turned-bounty hunter named Mark Shaw. The character has ties to both the Guardians of the Universe (the creators of the Green Lantern Corp.) and Manhunters (a race of killer robots).

The plot of issue #17 centers around a former football player, Victor Gover, who's kicked off the Wildcats for using steroids. In revenge, he becomes the new Sportsmaster and goes after the team's owner, Tom Melcher. This event forces Batman and Manhunter to team up and defeat him.

See Also:

In Justice League, it seems we'll be getting a football game involving the Gotham Wildcats, as there are other actors listed as "American Football Supporter" and "Front Row Football Fan." It's entirely possible is that we get a mention of their civilian identities or other characters involved in that storyline.

Of course, there's also the possibility of the game scene being completely cut out like what happened with Batman v Superman's Metropolis vs. Gotham University game (which was ultimately added to the UE). If it ends up making it into the film, remember to look for any mention of Tom Melcher, Victor Gover, or Mark Shaw.


Do you think we'll see other famous villains in Arkham Asylum during 'Justice League'?

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