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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

Hello Nolan? Hi this is Mr. Lee, Oh no sir you don’t know me but thanks for the Batman movies... but please stay away from superhero movies! No, I understand you're a great director but the key word is "SUPER" heroes, not a normal guy in a bat costume. Wait what’s that? You’re breaking up... bye! Excuse me readers lets all have a meeting- step into my fake office. Have a seat. Ok are you comfy? Great, well I’ve come to the conclusion that cartoons and video games have nailed Batman down to the core! Compared to live action movies, why can’t Hollywood realize this? I just got through watching the Batman Origins trailer for the 20th time which is coming out for Xbox 360 and I think PS3. But wow, pinch me- am I dreaming? This trailer looks like a movie and made me really think this is what I want young Batman to look like if they follow through with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.


Seriously have any of you played the Arkham Batman videogames or seen the way he looks, even how they designed Bruce Wayne? It's amazing! Even the storyline is great. I applaud the videogame creators for these games, they are true fans of the Bat and wanted to please fans so much. I say this now to you all- we need to tell directors to get the suit from the videogames into the movies and hire some of the game creators. Batman has all the detective skills with awesome fighting combative skills, which I know for sure they can pull off in a movie not just forearm-elbow fighting like they did in the Dark Knight. And yes I understand it's a form of martial arts but he knows way more than just stiff movements like that. My friend asked a an interesting question: would they keep Batman with outside underwear? To be quite honest I had no issue with it in the game because he looked so awesome it never really made me laugh. Still doubt they will have outside underwear costume look.

My advice to directors is to watch the old Batman: Animated Series and get in contact with the creators of Arkham games and Batman Origins. Also it wouldn’t hurt to get the voice of Batman (the one and only ) to give the actor some pointers on the voice and the way Batman would act. Oh what the hell, ask to be on set, I know he has tons of great ideas to help make a great movie. Overall I say Batman: Animated Series along with the new Batman videogames are way better than any live action Batman movie hands down. So before I end this article I will recommend watching the trailer (above). It shows great designs of villains that could fit in a movie. I applaud them for great voice acting from what I heard. Lastly, would any of you like to see the costumes from either Batman Arkham games or Batman Origins?


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