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After playing a Russian spy, Prince Charming and The Lone Ranger, Armie Hammer may have finally won the superhero role that he's longed for ever since George Miller's Justice League movie fell through over a decade ago. Either that, or we're just being trolled harder than we've ever been trolled before.

Rumors of Hammer's involvement with the DCEU circulated again recently after DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns followed the star on Twitter. While this doesn't necessarily guarantee Hammer has nabbed a starring role in the DCEU, this wouldn't be the first time that this has led to a big casting announcement. After all, Joe Manganiello followed the likes of Johns and Justice League director Zack Snyder right before he was officially given the role of Deathstroke, and filmmaker Rick Famuyiwa did the same prior to his involvement on The Flash.

If that doesn't hammer the point home, then a new tweet from a Texan lawyer called Kent Schaffer may convince you otherwise.

Those who question the validity of this tweet should bear in mind that Hammer actually follows the lawyer on Twitter with his official account, so there's certainly a strong chance that this exchange is legitimate. Oh, and then there was this string of tweets from Hammer last week too. Read from the bottom up for the full effect...

Armie Hammer [Credit: Twitter.]
Armie Hammer [Credit: Twitter.]

Thanks to his chiseled jaw and striking good looks, many fans have championed the idea of Hammer playing a hero such as Green Lantern, Shazam or even Booster Gold, but filming for Justice League is already well underway. Unless Hammer shoots a post-credits scene that introduces his character at the end of the film, it's far more likely that the pending announcement will cast Hammer in a role for The Batman, as the film's production looms far closer. Coincidentally, Armie was also spotted hanging out with Joe Manganiello this week, who just so happens to be playing Deathstroke, the film's primary antagonist.

If this is all true and Hammer is poised to join the Bat-Family, which character could he be playing? Plot specifics are currently almost non-existent, but there are certainly some comic book characters who are more likely to appear than others.


The Dark Knight [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The Dark Knight [Credit: Warner Bros.]

One of the biggest rumors currently circling online is that Armie Hammer could be poised to play Two-Face, partly because of the emoji used in the aforementioned lawyer's tweet. However, the lack of a mouth on that smiley is more likely linked to the idea of keeping the casting a 'secret' than anything else.

However, Harvey Dent's villainous alter-ego is certainly one of the most recognizable Batman villains out there. The studio are already taking a chance by leading with Deathstroke, so there's a chance that Two-Face could play a supporting role to help draw in wider audiences. If that's the case, Hammer's charm could certainly come into play here. Also, it's hard to deny that the actor looks somewhat like Aaron Eckhart, who last took on the role in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

The Riddler

Batman [Credit: DC Comics.]
Batman [Credit: DC Comics.]

The enigmatic Riddler is often seen as a lithe figure who taunts Batman by leaving a trail of clues behind at the end of each crime spree. During the final battle between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Riddler's signature logo can be spotted in the background, confirming that he exists in the DCEU, and follows a similar modus operandi.

While Hammer's athletic frame doesn't fit the traditional depiction of The Riddler, it's entirely possible that Snyder may reinvent Edward Nygma to fit in with the newly formed DCEU, so this casting option is still a slim possibility.

Red Hood (Jason Todd)

The Dark Knight [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The Dark Knight [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Another character that we know for a fact exists within the DCEU is Jason Todd, who was savagely beaten to death by the Joker. However, while Bruce Wayne still keeps the former Robin's costume on display in the Bat Cave, we wouldn't be surprised if Warner Bros. decide to adapt the Red Hood story from the comics, where Todd returns from the dead and decides to take revenge on Batman, blaming him for everything that happened.

While Hammer obviously looks too old to play Robin, Ben Affleck's Batman has been aged dramatically in the DCEU, so it's entirely feasible that a 30 year old Hammer could return to seek vengeance on his former mentor.


Batman [Credit: DC Comics.]
Batman [Credit: DC Comics.]

If we suspend our disbelief for a moment and imagine that the silent-faced emoji from the lawyer's tweet is actually significant, then there's a strong possibility that Armie Hammer could be set to play Hush, a more recent Batman villain who works from the shadows by manipulating other people in Bruce Wayne's life.

As the character is a former childhood friend of Batman, Hammer could channel his performance in The Social Network to great effect, drawing on the calculated workings of a spoilt rich kid to great effect here.

Mr Zsasz

Batman [Credit: DC Comics.]
Batman [Credit: DC Comics.]

While there are a host of other iconic Batman villains that Hammer could play, including the Scarecrow, Clay-Face and Mr Freeze, the majority have already appeared prominently in previous films and animated TV shows. As Deathstroke is set to be the main villain in Affleck's The Batman, we imagine that Hammer's role would be smaller, so it would make perfect sense to cast him as someone like Mr Zsasz.

The psychotic villain doesn't possess any super powers, but what makes him stand out is that Mr Zsasz cuts into his skin after every murder he commits, keeping a tally chart of all his victims in the form of scars. Not only would it be interesting to see Hammer play against type with a role like this, but the dark, unique tone of this character would fit perfectly with the grittier leanings of the DCEU.

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So far, all of our assumptions about Hammer's supposed role in the DCEU revolve around the idea of him playing a villainous character in The Batman, but it's worth bearing in mind that that he could also make his debut in Justice League first, or even play a heroic counterpart to Batman in the form of someone like Nightwing. Whatever happens though, we'll be both disappointed yet impressed if this is all just a ruse and Hammer has somehow nailed the trolling event of the year.


Who do you think Armie Hammer could play in the DCEU?


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