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Edit: After writing this article, Joe Manganeillo - DCEU's Slade Wilson - followed Armie Hammer. Johns also followed Manganeillo on Twitter before he was officially revealed as Deathstroke.

Casting news and rumors for the have been rife these past few weeks, such as Jamie Dornan being cast as Hal Jordan and John Cleese having a role in the film universe. These rumors have excited and shocked fans around the world, but this next one coming straight off the rumor mill is sure to please fans: Armie Hammer.

The source of this rumor? DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has just followed Hammer on Twitter. This is the same theory convincing fans that John Cleese is joining the DCEU, and was also the basis for the theory of Channing Tatum joining the DCEU, after he was followed by the official Batman v. Superman Twitter account.

It's interesting to note that Johns has only recently followed people that he works/has worked with — as you can see, he followed Erica Schultz, a writer at DC Comics, so why would he follow Armie Hammer? Could Hammer actually be cast in the DCEU?

Which Character Could Hammer Play?

It's rather funny to think that Hammer could be involved in the Justice League movie, as he was cast as Batman in George Miller's now defunct Justice League movie. With Ben Affleck now playing the Dark Knight in the DCEU, who could Hammer be playing? Well, we need to look at two key elements when considering what role he will be playing in the DCEU:

  • Time: If Hammer has been followed recently by Johns, then that means he probably will not be appearing in Wonder Woman or have a major role in Justice League (sorry, Lantern fans).
  • Build and voice: Hammer is 6'5" and has one of the deepest voices in the industry — hell, he could voice Batman's "Batman" voice naturally.

With these elements now considered, I want to give you my two theories on who Armie Hammer is playing in the DCEU:


The main concern DC will have when casting Shazam is how they make the character look big when compared to The Rock's Black Adam. Luckily for them, Hammer is an imposing height, actually an inch taller than The Rock. It's also good for them that Hammer is a very well-built man, which means he won't look tiny next to the monster that is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

His voice will also help out DC when it comes to Shazam. Billy Batson bestows the power of six separate gods, so I can't see DC wanting their Shazam to have a comical voice like the character's animated portrayals.

The Shazam film is due for release in 2018, so principal photography should start around the beginning of 2017. This means that Hammer's casting is in perfect time for the company to announce the commencement of filming and Hammer's involvement in the film.

While Shazam would be a brilliant hero for Hammer to portray, his deep and powerful voice just screams out for a villainous role, perhaps a villain that has yet to be cast in the DCEU?


Darkseid would be perfect for Hammer, and fits the elements that I listed above. Darkseid will more than likely play a role similar to Thanos when it comes to Justice League, which means that Hammer could shoot or voice his scenes in enough time for the post production team to include him in the final cut of the film.

When I first thought about Darkseid's role in the DCEU, I imagined he would be filmed in the same way Marvel filmed Josh Brolin's Thanos, but with Hammer's height and build, it would easy enough for DC to film his role in motion capture and not full CG with an altered voice-over.

While all of this could just be Geoff Johns following Armie Hammer on Twitter, I am choosing to believe that it is because he is involved in the DCEU. DC has yet to announce casting news on Darkseid, Shazam and even Green Lantern, so I am hopeful that he is involved in someway.


Who do you want to see Armie Hammer portray?


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