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Long ago, in a Hollywood far, far away, there was a little project in development. That little project was none other than 's epic vision for a motion-capture Justice League. It boasted a bizarre cast, with rising star as Bruce Wayne/Batman, as Clark Kent/Superman, as Barry Allen/The Flash, as Princess Diana/Wonder Woman, as the John Stewart version of Green Lantern, as the Martian Manhunter, and as much-maligned Aquaman.

Unfortunately, when the writer's strike happened and rewrites were required, the budget soared upwards of $300 million. Warner Bros. said, "Oh, HELL no," and the project fell apart.

But now, we learn what might have been, in a new interview from HitFix. Hammer sat down with Drew McWeeny and, well, basically geeked out over the design concept for the Batsuit that WETA had drawn up and created.


That suit must have been pretty damn awesome if it can get Hammer gushing like a true fanboy. While the concept designs haven't yet been released by WETA, at some point it's almost certain we'll be seeing it online.

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