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Mark Newton

I like to think I'm a pretty sophisticated guy. I prefer Chaucer to Shakespeare, and have dabbled in the novels of Dostoevsky. Despite all that, I just can't resist anything with in it, particularly if he's getting shot at and/or shooting at stuff. IndieWire has just released a new clip from The Last Stand which shows Arnie in a good ol' fashioned shoot up with some heavily armed (but woefully inaccurate) drug thugs. Check it out below:

Hell yeah! The Pardoner's Tale has got nothing on a 20 second clip of Schwarzenegger running (well, trying to) through bullets and bursting through doors. Even the presence of couldn't spoil that. However, at the moment, The Last Stand isn't exactly looking brilliant. But if director can recreate the kinetic and stylish look of his excellent The Good, The Bad, The Weird then, surely, we're onto a winner. I mean, it's Arnie!

The Last Stand will hit theaters on January 18.


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