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The comedy Twins certainly stood out in my mind, mostly because it's one of the few films starring him in which he doesn't routinely massacre people. It was certainly a pretty big hit when it was released back in 1988, raking in $200 million with only $15 million budget. With Arnie now taking on more and more movies, there has been widespread speculation that Schwarzenegger will be teaming up with to bring the Twins sequel, tentatively titled Triplets, to the big screen. Yesterday Arnie announced some pretty big news, we are expecting Triplets, and we know who the third brother is!

In a recent "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit, a fan asked Arnie if he would be making a Twins sequel. He replied (via Ipad):

This isn't the first time Schwarzenegger has mentioned an upcoming sequel to Twins, but this does sound like the most promising affirmation yet. DeVito and Murphy's agents have also confirmed their involvement, so there is really no reason not to believe the Governator.

Currently, according to IMDB, is expected to return to direct the sequel, while 1600 Penn screenwriter, Josh Gad, will be working on the script.

Production hasn't started yet, nor indeed should we expect it to any time soon. Although DeVito and Murphy might not have the busiest schedules anymore, Arnie is certainly making up for the both of them. His latest action flick, The Last Stand is in theaters now, while he also has several more upcoming projects including Sabotage, Escape Plan, The Legend of Conan and Unknown Soldier. Make sure to [[follow]] Triplets to keep updated with any future developments!

How do you guys feel about this news? Are you ecstatic to be expecting Triplets, or is it already too late for this sequel? Let us know below!


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