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Say what? invites us to ride along on his personal tank, crush a car, and talk about his upcoming action flick?

Yep, you read that correctly. Rather than doing a press conference or roundtable interview, Schwarzenegger invited a select group of movie reporters to come ride in his tank at Melody Ranch Motion Pitcure Studio, one that he owns and operates, to experience a taste of some of the action served up in his return to movies as a leading man in The Last Stand.

While Schwarzenegger is well known for his military background in Austria and his action movies like the Terminator franchise, it seems fitting that the 65-year-old star owns the M47 Patton tank. The tank is "exactly the very tank that I [drove] in the Austrian Army when I was 18 years old," explains the wildcard, in the video below:

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Along with taking reporters for rides on the 50-ton vehicle, Schwarzenegger also used the tank for an impressive maneuver. After everyone had their fun in riding in and on the tank with Schwarzenegger at the helm, he performed a fancy little destruction demo. i.e. He drove the tank over a prop car, and smashed it to bits. Twice.

The Last Stand, which hits theaters January 18th, will see the veteran actor portray a former LAPD officer who has moved to a quieter town. Let's hope his character can refrain from such weird outbursts.

Do you love a bit of on-screen Arnie action? Does his real-life action-man routine impress you even more? Drop us your thoughts below.


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