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It's time to get out your Lasso of Truth and wrangle the DCEU, because a very high profile actor could be set to join Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman. It would be a case of "I'll be back," (well, in the DC universe) as is the latest casting rumor for the upcoming female-first film. , Robin Wright, and Chris Pine are already heading up the cast, so if we added Arnie, he would certainly be in some A-list company.

It'll Cost You An 'Arn' And A Leg

'Terminator' [Credit: Orion Pictures]
'Terminator' [Credit: Orion Pictures]

Those sneaky Twitter detectives noticed that both and Films president Geoff Johns followed the 69-year-old Austrian-American actor on social media. Wow, big deal to some, but as you may remember, Twitter was also the sneaky way that we found out that Joe Manganiello and John Cleese were also joining the ever-expanding universe of Batman and co.

Admittedly, Jenkins also followed J.K. Rowling and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor J. August Richards, and we doubt that either of them will be heading over to Themyscira — also, nabbing Schwarzenegger would cost some serious DC budget, so it would have to be for a good reason. However, taking the news with a pinch of salt, who could Arnie be playing if he really is joining ?

As filming has already wrapped on the spinning heroine's solo film, how Arnie would fit in anyway is a mystery, but his inclusion could set up a possible sequel, or an appearance in . A post-credits cameo could easily be tacked on the end of the film to entice audiences into cinemas, or Arnie could actually play a much bigger part. The film's villain is Ares, God of War, so Jenkins could be going down the CGI route to bring him to life with Schwarzenegger — we already saw this work with Josh Brolin for Thanos and Benedict Cumberbatch for Dormammu. Alternatively, some have suggested that he could be playing a small role like Zeus, added in the reshoots.

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Let's Chill Out

'Batman & Robin' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Batman & Robin' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

While Arnie certainly has the acting chops for Wonder Woman, or the physique to play a Greek God, it could all be hearsay. Also, we all know what happened last time the former Governor of California went near a outing; you may Total Recall that he brought Batman's Mr. Freeze to life in 1997's maligned Batman & Robin.

A slew of high profile DC castings are rounding off the DCEU quite nicely. Recent additions like other Batman alumna Nicole Kidman, Star Wars star Temuera Morrison, and Watchmen's Patrick Wilson mean that James Wan's Aquaman is battling Wonder Woman in the casting stakes. Surely it would make sense to add Schwarzenegger to one of the films further down the line, rather than shoehorn him into Wonder Woman? The Terminator star may machine his way into the DCEU, and it would definitely be something to talk about, but for now, let's drop this rumor into the maybe pile.

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(Image source: Terminator - Orion Pictures)


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