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Now, orange id-monster 's elevation to the presidency has had a surprising number of unexpected effects — everyone hoping to see a crackdown on Wall Street should probably take a look at the biggest banks' share prices, and be thoroughly depressed — but perhaps none more odd than pushing Nickelback into being more than just a mildly irritating punchline. The Canadian rock group have, after all, spent much of their career being the butt of every joke going, to the extent that millions of young people who've never heard a note of their music know full well that they're supposed to hate them.

While most of us may still hate the band's music, however — and likely have too many memories of Chad Kroeger and co's brief music channel ubiquity to ever be completely OK with them — it's worth noting that they have recently upped their Twitter game (or, at least, hired someone to do that for them) to the extent that they're now genuinely entertaining to watch (on social media). In fact, we probably should have been paying more attention, since:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Won A Twitter War With Nickelback, And We Totally Missed It

'Batman & Robin' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Batman & Robin' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Now, that's not to say that we didn't all notice that the two one-time conservative icons were having a war a week or so ago, but rather that we didn't notice that won the whole thing with one gloriously self-deprecating moment of meta awareness.

The whole thing kicked off when Schwarzenegger suggested that Nickelback were as unpopular as Herpes and Congress, which is both a) mean, and b) possibly not the best way to raise awareness of the genuinely important political problem of gerrymandering.

It did, however, very much raise the hackles of Nickelback's Twitterer-in-Chief, and the band soon responded with a gloriously snark-filled response that highlighted a certain much-maligned movie from the former Governor's past:

Which, of course, led to headline news around the world, because there was literally nothing more important going on at that time.

What was often missed, though, was that Schwarzenegger had one hell of a comeback in store for the band:

Yup, that's right. Arnold Schwarzenegger's (or whoever operates his Twitter account, at any rate) will happily bust your chops with Mr. Freeze-style puns if you bring up Batman & Robin. Which, as it turns out, is so fundamentally effective a response that it can instantly end Twitter feuds with Canadian rock groups:

And so, though it's not like Schwarzenegger to say sorry, and Nickelback were waiting on a different story, that, it seems, is how you remind Nickelback of who they really are — which is to say Canadian, and thus improbably polite.

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