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Abi Toll

Aside from some early stills and the lucky few who were in the faith-based audience that got a special preview a couple months back, director 's fantastical new take on the Biblical story of Noah is being kept mysteriously under wraps.

Darren Aronofsky is slowly beginning to reveal more about Noah and promises a visual extravaganza. With what is set to be the most digital effects he's ever used on any of his films previously, even the animals get the full digitally rendered treatment befitting Aronofsky's visionary style.

Here's what Aronofsky had to say about it:

We had to create an entire animal kingdom, all the animals in the movie are slightly tweaked; I didn’t want the clichéd polar bear, elephant, and lion walking onto the Ark; I didn’t want the shot of a giraffe’s head looking over the rail. I wanted to respect the storyline and think what would have been involved if it all really happened. We basically went through the animal kingdom and pinpointed the body types we wanted: some pachyderms, some rodents, reptiles, and the bird kingdom. We chose the species and they were brought to life with different furs and colors. We didn’t want anything fully recognizable but not completely absurd either.

Even the Industrial Light & Magic have already told the director that one scene alone featured the most complicated computer rendering in their history.

So no pressure then... Noah opens on March 28th 2014.



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