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Now, for fans of Frank Herbert's legendary sci-fi epic Dune, the very idea of a movie adaptation can bring chills to the spine. After all, the last time the beloved novel was successfully adapted for the big screen, we wound up with a fever dream starring and . In retrospect, that movie is actually a lot of fun, but for anyone who loved the source material for its political complexity and slow-paced nuance, it's a little bit like watching someone punch your childhood in the face.

The following, then, can probably be interpreted as both good and bad news, then. Mere weeks after the announcement that Legendary Pictures has acquired the rights to make a new series of movies based on the Dune series, we've now heard word that...

'Arrival's Denis Villeneuve May Be Directing That 'Dune' Remake

'Dune' [Universal]
'Dune' [Universal]

That, at least, is what The Hollywood Reporter thinks, with the latest buzz suggesting that is in talks to helm the upcoming remake/adaptation.

Which, if you're willing to consider the possibility of another movie at all, would seem to be a pretty darned perfect piece of hiring. Villeneuve, after all, has both experience with intelligent sci-fi — — and complex character drama — — as well as an imminently arriving immersion in remaking classic '80s sci-fi movies, with hitting theaters next year. In other words, he's a great director, with a penchant for sci-fi, and willingness to layer complex themes and ideas into a big budget movie.

'Arrival' [Credit: Paramount]
'Arrival' [Credit: Paramount]

The only problem? For a whole lot of fans, the very idea of once again trying to turn Dune into a movie is entirely ridiculous. After all, to do it justice, the story would arguably be far better suited to a big-budget HBO mini-series (much like ), making a movie seem a somewhat compromised concept right from the get go.

If it could be done — and done well — though, you'd have to imagine that Villeneuve would be a fine choice. Muad'Dib! Muad'Dib! And all that.

Still want more on Dune, and its cinematic prospects? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, though, what do you think? Would you like to see Villeneuve take the helm of a new Dune movie? Let us know below!

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