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Do you like to wear a green hood hanging around the house at night? Do you experience flashbacks on the regular? Do you blame yourself for literally everything that's ever happened to anyone ever, even though it's not your fault?

'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]
'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then it looks like you're a diehard Arrowhead — which means that waiting seven days for each new episode must feel like you're stuck alone on some hellish desert island.

To make time go faster, just do what Oliver does and work out like a bows:

To help you deal with the pain of waiting, Movie Pilot is on hand to compile each Arrow Season 5 preview and promo immediately after they hit the web. Remember to check back weekly as we break down what's coming up next using these Arrow Season 5 promos and previews to make those seven days just a little more bearable.

Arrow 5x19 Preview — Dangerous Liaisons

As things take a darker turn, Felicity's methods clash with the rest of Team Arrow, forcing them to fight the hacker organisation, Helix.

Arrow 5x18 Preview — Disbanded

Oliver enlists the Bratva to break his no-kill rule and murder Prometheus, but the rest of Team Arrow don't agree with this development.

Arrow 5x17 Preview — Kapiushon

Imprisoned by Prometheus, Oliver has become a broken man, tortured to breaking point by his arch nemesis.

Arrow 5x16 Preview — Checkmate

Now that we know the identity of Prometheus, Oliver's life is thrown into turmoil after Chase kidnaps Susan and Team Arrow struggle to deal with this new revelation.

Arrow 5x15 Preview — Fighting Fire With Fire

Vigilante sets his sights on the Mayor of Star City this week, taking on the Green Arrow with some explosive results. Is this the moment where Oliver reveals his identity to Star City's newest 'hero'?

Arrow 5x14 Preview — The Sin-Eater

Old faces resurface as fans gain their first glimpse of the new Black Canary in costume, complete with her signature mask.

Arrow 5x13 Preview — Spectre Of The Gun

Gun violence hits Team Arrow hard this week, dividing the team as they struggle to deal with this painfully topical issue.

Arrow 5x12 Preview — Bratva

Oliver returns to Russia with Team Arrow, bringing the flashbacks full circle — but is former ally Anatoly now friend or foe?

Arrow 5x11 Preview — Second Chances

A new vigilante with familiar powers takes center stage in this new promo — will she join Team Arrow, or turn against them?

Arrow 5x10 Preview — Who Are You?

The real identity of the newly returned 'Laurel Lance' is revealed, and Team Arrow will never be the same again.

Arrow 5x09 Preview — What We Leave Behind

Prometheus moves forward with his plan to take out Oliver Queen once and for all, revealing the traitor in Team Arrow.

Arrow 5x08 Preview — Invasion!

Arrow plans to celebrate its centennial episode in style, with a 4-part crossover event that pits The CW's heroes against an alien invasion of catastrophic proportions.

Arrow 5x07 Preview — Vigilante

Tensions rise amongst Team Arrow as the new recruits fight over how a new murderous crime-fighter should be dealt with. This preview is particularly notable for introducing us to Adrian Chase's Vigilante persona, who will play a more prominent role as the season progresses.

Arrow 5x06 Preview — So It Begins

Prometheus hits Star City with a killing spree designed to lure Oliver out into the open. Despite Green Arrow's best efforts to keep the new recruits out of harm's way, it seems as though Prometheus has already begun to play mind games with Ragman, turning Oliver's allies against him.

Arrow 5x05 Preview — Human Target

Tobias Church tortures Wild Dog into revealing secrets about Team Arrow, which leads to Oliver being shot in the streets of Star City.

Arrow 5x04 Preview — Penance

Lyla enlists Oliver's help to bust Diggle out of a high-security prison, but the rest of Team Arrow aren't too happy about following their fearless leader into the fray, doing everything they can to stop him.

Arrow 5x03 Preview — A Matter of Trust

After Stephen Amell battled Cody Rhodes at last year's WWE SummerSlam PPV, the wrestler has returned for a rematch in Episode 3 of Season 5 — and the odds don't seem to be in the Emerald Archer's favour if this preview is anything to go by.

Enhanced by the drug known as Stardust — nudge nudge, wink wink — Rhodes will have enhanced strength and resistance to pain, providing a difficult challenge for the newly formed Team Arrow. For the upcoming battle, Artemis will sport the new costume we saw in the first season previews, but this new trailer also contains a surprising blink-and-you'll-miss-it first appearance of Curtis Holt in action as Mr Terrific. Pause around the 22 second mark for a glimpse.

Arrow 5x02 Preview — The Recruits

The Arrow Season 5 preview for Episode 2 shows Oliver testing out his new recruits, mostly with footage we've seen before. However, what's most exciting about this Arrow promo is that we finally see the new character Ragman in action for the first time. If this preview's anything to go by, the team may initially perceive him to be a threat, rather than an ally.

Superhero Fight Club 2.0

The first rule of fight club should be: let's make more fight club videos. But given that the CW don't have a Palmer-Tech sized budget, we should be grateful for what we're given.

Fortunately, this second mash up of the CW's brave and the bold is even better than the first, introducing Supergirl into the Arrowverse as she trains alongside Green Arrow, The Flash and The Legends of Tomorrow.

Breaking The Rules Promo

Break The Rules gave us our closest look at the new Team Arrow yet, while also revealing exactly how Season 5 will link closely with the show's debut run from back in 2012. That's right — Oliver will show no more mercy, abandoning his no-kill policy in the aftermath of Laurel's death.

Can't Be Stopped (Extended Promo)

The extra footage revealed in this extended cut of Can't Be Stopped shows us how Team Arrow are recruited by Oliver to defend Star City. Alongside Wild Dog and Artemis, Arrowheads are provided with their first glimpse of new team member Ragman — but will he display the supernatural powers that are so integral to his character in the comics?

Can't Be Stopped

The second Arrow Season 5 promo previewed the action in greater detail, while also providing fan with a closer look at Tobias Church, a new villain who will strive to unite Star City's criminal element under his control.

Comic-Con Trailer

Our first glimpse at Arrow Season 5 from San Diego Comic Con revealed the new creative direction of the show and how Laurel Lance's death will play a pivotal role in the coming episodes.

'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]
'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]

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168 hours. 10080 minutes. 604800 seconds. That's how long we have to wait for each episode of Arrow once the previous episode's finished rolling, so remember to come back here weekly to watch the previews and promos that the CW release ready for the next installment. What else are you going to do in that time?


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