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This post contains spoilers for Arrow Season 5.

The shows aren't well-known for their acting nominations. Though the coveted award nominations have been handed out for sound editing, hairstyling and even best narrator, for some reason the amazing actors and actresses keep getting skipped over in spite of their unbelievable talent.

This season of could make a difference. With both and deserving of the recognition for an Emmy, it's time for the TV Academy to open its doors to these stellar actors. Here's why:

Josh Segarra

Playing District Attorney Adrian Chase (), Josh Segarra has brought a dark creepiness to Arrow unmatched by previous villains. With smugness, maniacal laughter and a desperate need to destroy, the actor has made Prometheus into more than just another villain. He's taken a character and made it into a monster of epic proportions.

Prometheus could have been played by anyone, but Adrian Chase wouldn't be the same without Josh Segarra's boyishly handsome face hiding a heart of pure evil. Each line he delivers is a testament to his talent as an actor, and I have no doubt that when the credits roll on the season finale, Prometheus will take his place as the greatest villain Oliver Queen has ever had to destroy.

Stephen Amell

For five seasons, Stephen Amell has brought to life, taking him from an arrogant vigilante who had to be in control to a broken man lying on a concrete floor in Arrow's Episode 17. And the range has been nothing short of mesmerizing.

Very few people have experienced the level of darkness that Oliver Queen has, and Amell has made this character so real, our emotions run the gamut while we watch him face his demons. But this season, Amell had to take Oliver on a different journey, one that required him to reach into the deepest recesses of his soul and convince millions of fans that beneath the hero was a man who'd given into his basest desires, who'd allowed the evil to have free reign, if only for a moment.

And convince us he did.

Even if neither actor walks away with the gold Emmy statue, a nomination is still recognition of their exceptional skill in their chosen field. Both Segarra and Amell have played these characters like finely-tuned violins; if we're convinced they deserve to be recognized, shouldn't the TV Academy be as well?

Do you think Josh Segarra and Stephen Amell should be considered for an Emmy?


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