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This post contains spoilers for Arrow Season 5.

On December 7th, Arrow lost a character that viewers weren't all that invested in. We didn't have a chance to get to know him because there wasn't much development, possibly because writers already knew Detective Billy Malone wasn't going to last very long in the .

As I mentioned in a previous post, generally doesn't keep extraneous characters around very long. So whether he was there to drive a further wedge between Oliver and Felicity, or to add another heaping helping of guilt onto Oliver's shoulders, he actually did both. But what does his death mean to this couple who've managed to maintain a friendship despite a difficult break-up?

Oliver's Guilt Could Prevent Him From Reuniting With Felicity

Oliver killed Felicity's boyfriend. There's no getting around that, and we all know how Oliver carries guilt around like it's a backpack. He has a hard time letting go when he's hurt someone he loves. I can't imagine him not feeling this deep inside for a long time. Though he may want a second chance with Felicity, I believe it's this guilt that will prevent him from making any type of move.

There is little chance that Oliver won't have a difficult time dealing with his part in Billy's death. Logically, he will know it isn't his fault, but we all know Oliver. He doesn't always travel the logical path. And I think, because of his actions, he'll keep Felicity at arm's length for a while.

Felicity Could Harbor Resentment Against Oliver

When Oliver told Felicity he'd killed Billy, she didn't throw blame at him. In fact, she reminded him it was Prometheus who had caused Billy's death. However, Felicity's been dealing with her own levels of guilt over killing the citizens of Havenrock. She knows ultimately she's not responsible, but nevertheless, she redirected that missile.

It's possible she may end up feeling the same way about Oliver. In fact, I would be a little surprised if she didn't get a little angry with him. After all, Oliver has had more than one opportunity to kill Prometheus and didn't take it. Billy might still be alive if he had.

Felicity's Own Feelings Of Guilt Could Prevent Her From Moving Forward

Then we have the final nail in the coffin, so to speak. Felicity and Billy's chemistry was practically nonexistent. I believe she wanted to love Billy because she wants to move on from Oliver, but she moved too soon. So Billy's dead, and Felicity's surrounded by the guilt that comes with being in a fake relationship.

I'm not one of those viewers who believes every couple gets their happily ever after, but I do believe Oliver and Felicity still love one another. It's much too soon for the love they shared to have dissipated, and quite frankly, I believe Felicity was trying too hard to prove to Oliver that she was over him when it was clear to all the fans that she wasn't.

Again, not every couple gets to ride off into the sunset together, but every character that goes through a break-up needs to grieve the loss of that relationship. I don't think either Oliver or Felicity have done that, because they've been too busy dealing with life-and-death situations.

Until they come to terms with what they've lost and how they lost it, neither one of them is going to be able to move forward with their lives or potentially with one another.

Is there hope for in the future? Possibly, but considering executive producer Marc Guggenheim regrets the pace taken with Oliver and Felicity's romance in Season 4, if they are reunited, odds are more than good their relationship will be much slower. In other words, Season 5 might not be their year.

Do you think Oliver and Felicity will reunite now that Billy is gone?


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