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Arrow's Season 5 was truly a study in how seamlessly a show could rise back from the ashes and reclaim its throne as the king of all superhero shows. Despite the past two seasons being subpar, the Arrow showrunners managed to turn the tide around in Season 5, with some brilliant new casting additions, one hell of a villain, some amazing stunts, and a great story line. And after the explosive Season 5 finale, we simply can't wait to see what direction the show will take next. Luckily for us, executive producer Marc Guggenheim just dropped some serious hints about what we can expect from the Season 6.

The Theme Of Season 6

'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]
'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]

Whereas much of last season was devoted to Oliver's acceptance of his previous sins, this year will be all about moving past the guilt that has haunted him for the past few years, as he focuses on something more important: Team Arrow. With the Oliver island flashbacks finally over, Arrow will feel more like an ensemble piece, as Season 6 will devote more time flashing back to the lives of the other major players. These new flashbacks will no doubt include Black Siren, Black Canary and Deathstroke, among others.

Speaking to EW, Guggenheim explained how Season 6's theme of family would play out in the show.

"The way I would like to think of it is, last year we spent a whole season really building up this team, this new Team Arrow, and this year we’ve got the team in place — what sort of damage can we do? And I think at this point, we’ve almost put [Oliver] through just about every conceivable thing, so we got very intrigued by the idea of... what is Oliver’s reaction when the people closest to him go through something difficult?"

And, if Guggenheim's words are anything to go by, Team Arrow will certainly go through a lot in Season 6, as they are persecuted by not one, not two, but a whole "cabal" of villains.

The 'Cabal Of Villains'

Anatoly is one of the "cabal of villains" in Season 6. [Credit: The CW]
Anatoly is one of the "cabal of villains" in Season 6. [Credit: The CW]

For some people, Season 5 of Arrow easily had the best villain in the show's history. Prometheus, with his schemes and torturous games, put Oliver through a hell like no other foe did. And with the villain having set the bar so high, it's going to be interesting to see how Season 6 tries to one-up him, especially since the writers are planning to have Oliver and co. face-off against a group of villains.

Guggenheim explained why a "cabal of villains" was necessary:

"If you’re going to do stories that are about this group, Team Arrow, tell a story about a group of antagonists. It’s not just about check off boxes in terms of like thorn, thorn, thorn; it’s more like group versus group."

This group of baddies is set to feature Michael Emerson's mystery character, David Nykl’s Anatoly, and Kirk Acevedo’s Richard Dragon, though Black Siren may or not be a part of the Team. Another unrelated threat to the could be Sydelle Noel's Samantha Watson, an FBI agent who will be hot on the trail of the Green Arrow after he was declared public enemy no. 1. Speaking to TVLine, Stephen Amell had to this to say about her character:

"Oliver can’t so much as open his mouth to say boo without her bullshit detector going off. She is thoroughly and utterly convinced of exactly what he is, and the ironic and funny thing about that is, of course, she’s precisely right. She is dogging me — and not just me. The interesting thing about her character is she doesn’t just put one piece together. She puts all the pieces together."

It seems that, while on the trail of the Green Arrow, Samantha Watson will uncover the secrets of his team as well.

With Team Arrow being beset by a whole cabal of villains, while going through their own emotional crises, our expectations are high that Season 6 will be just as mind blowing as the last season. And indeed, if Arrow keeps its villains and stunts top-notch, then I'm sure that the showrunners will hit the bullseye.

Are you excited about Arrow Season 6? Sound off below.

(Source: EW, TVLine)


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