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With the Season 5 finale reigniting the heat between Oliver and Felicity, it's safe to assume that that if Felicity survives (and chances are high that she will), Oliver Queen will be discussing his future with the fast-talking hacker. And while the actors involved certainly seem on board this popular ship, as Stephen Amell says, there is something big that has to be taken into account.

"Oliver’s a package deal now. It’s Oliver and William, right? So yeah, there are definitely places where we can take it."

Stephen Amell's harmless comment to TVLine also confirmed one thing: Samantha Clayton (a.k.a Oliver's baby mama) is almost certainly dead, as Amell seems to be implying that Oliver is now a single father. The character's death has been teased time and time again, through Amell's comments and the promos for the upcoming season. It's also kind of hard to imagine that Arrow will have two characters of the same name running around, what with the new FBI agent named Samantha who will play a huge role in Season 6 sharing the same first name as Clayton.

Samantha Clayton's probable death really opens up doors for Oliver's romantic life, though whoever does go out with him will have to take their relationship pretty seriously, what with him being both a Mayor and a father, while moonlighting as a vigilante. So all you Oliver-Laurel shippers might want to control your "canary" cries of anguish for a while.

Olicity In Season 6

Ollie & Felicity 'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]
Ollie & Felicity 'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]

Recently, executive producer Wendy Mericle teased to TV Guide that Oliver could be learning more about "true love" this year, with the crossover focusing on that aspect.

"It's Oliver and one other character in the Arrowverse's story. It really explores the question of true love, and what does that look like? It's emotionally really compelling, and you're going to be surprised by what he learns and how he learns it and who he learns it form. It's pretty crazy stuff, I'm not going to lie."

Now, there is the off chance that the showrunner is referring to Oliver being romantically linked with someone else, but that seems highly unlikely simply because the events of the Season 5 finale strongly hinted at the restart of their relationship and because Felicity is the only character on the show Oliver has a proper romantic connection with. While we don't know if Felicity will be safe and sound when Season 6 I'm still off the belief that the "one other character" referenced by Mericle, in the crossover, is none other than our ex-hacktivist Felicity Smoak.

Especially as Guggenheim states, Season 6 will explore the outcome of their kiss in Lian Yu:

"We put them on a very specific trajectory at the end of season 5. I think it would be very schizophrenic for us to suddenly take them off that trajectory."

Although the relationship between Oliver and Felicity was one of the low points of Season 4, Arrow can certainly make it work this time around, and we can only hope that the writers have learned not to prioritize this relationship over other aspects of the show. Nonetheless, Arrow Season 6 looks excellent, and whether or not Olicity happens, I feel like the new season is going to be something pretty amazing.

What say you, crazy Olicity shippers: Will Ollie and Felicity get their 'happily ever after' in Season 6?

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