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After knocking it out of the park with its first two seasons, failed to deliver in its third and fourth seasons. However, the show has made vast improvements in Season 5. It is said that a hero is only as good as their villain, and Prometheus has proven to be just what the show needed.

The highlight of Arrow Season 5 has been the brilliant performances put forward by Josh Segarra as Adrian Chase a.k.a. Prometheus and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen — performances that could break the Arrow Emmy holdout.

'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]
'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]

Arrow Season 5 has even managed to make the flashback scenes interesting again. Much like , Arrow decided to include flashback scenes in every episode from the very beginning. The idea behind these flashbacks was to show five years of Oliver's life after he went missing through the first five seasons of Arrow.

Now, with only a few episodes of Arrow Season 5 remaining, we are nearing the end of Oliver's journey towards becoming "someone else, something else"— which leaves us with one big question: what's next for Arrow?

Back in February, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stephen Amell revealed that he was open to the idea of doing flash-forwards in future seasons of Arrow. When asked about what he hoped to see in future seasons once Arrow is done with the flashbacks, Stephen Amell told EW:

"I am open and excited about any possible idea, whether that’s a simple flash-forward narrative that we carry through the season, which I think we did to varying degrees of success in Season 4."

On being asked whether flash-forwards are something that would interest him going forward, Amell replied:

"I think that the critical element, if we ever did something like a flash-forward, would be to make sure that we understood the precise beginning point and end point of that story and all the things that went into it... We’d have to know the end game if we did something like that. I mean look, I’ve always had a very specific idea for how the series would end. It came to me at some point during Season 1, and whether it’s through a flash-forward or whatever, I just hope that we end up getting to do that."

Flash-forwards were thrown around just as an idea by Stephen Amell. But it seems like it could be turning into reality. Stephen Amell left a cryptic tweet hinting at possible flash-forwards for future seasons, starting from the Season 5 finale:

What are the two journeys that Stephen Amell is referring to? The journey that's ending is definitelty the journey of flashback Oliver. We can't help but wonder whether the other journey being mentioned in the tweet is that of flash-forward Oliver. Does this mean that we'll get a tease for flash-forwards during the closing moments of the Season 5 finale?

If gets picked up by The CW, it will join the likes of , , and Arrow to become a part of the . It will be interesting to see how the writers tackle the flash-forwards, so that they don't end up spoiling future seasons of Arrow or the other four shows from the Arrowverse.

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Depending on how far forward the showrunners decide to take the flash-forwards, we could even see 's version of at some point. will be getting a new suit in the next episode when Barry travels to the future.

The new suit probably belongs to the future version of The Flash. Having gone through all the trouble of making a new outfit, the costume department would surely love to put Grant Gustin back in it and send him over to Arrow for guest appearances in the flash-forwards.

'The Flash' [Credit: The CW]
'The Flash' [Credit: The CW]

Stephen Amell might make a small cameo during the next episode of The Flash. If so, Amell would probably show up as Green Arrow in the year 2024 fighting against Reverse Flash, alongside The Flash, The Atom and Hawkgirl. This means that The Flash isn't the only one who's going to get an upgraded suit — Green Arrow might get one too. Expect Arrow to use that same costume for the flash-forwards for at least the entirity of Season 6.

Arrow is currently on an almost monthlong hiatus, and will return on April 26th. 'Til then, watch the promo for the next episode:

Stephen Amell is open to the idea of flash-forwards in future season of Arrow. But are you? Let us know in the comments section down below.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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