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This post contains spoilers for Arrow Season 5 and The Flash Season 3.

When The Flash Season 3 debuted, fans were expecting fallout from Barry's change to the timeline, and as each episode airs, we see a little more damage left over. With Arrow sharing the same Earth, fans were expecting to see the same amount of changes taking place in Star City. But that hasn't been the case. In fact, we've seen exactly one: John Diggle now has a son instead of a daughter.

Arrow is almost six episodes into Season 5, and though there are many differences taking place, we've not been alerted to any that are the direct result of Flashpoint. How is it possible that Barry Allen's trip back in time gave powers to Caitlin Snow, affected Iris and her father's relationship for a little while, killed Cisco's brother, brought a new colleague to Barry's lab, and brought Dr. Alchemy to Central City — but only resulted in the gender change to a child in Star City?

Perhaps we should have expected this since Arrow Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim, told Entertainment Weekly that Flashpoint would affect Diggle's character the most. Of course, Felicity is the only one who actually knows that John used to have a baby girl, so Diggle doesn't know he's been affected.

This summer, The CW network president Mark Pedowitz said Flashpoint "bleeds over to every DC show." He went on to add that Flashpoint would "only last for a couple of episodes before it comes back in" to the way we knew the universe before. So are we to assume then that there will be no more aftershocks? If we see no more fallout from Flashpoint, what was the purpose in having it affect Arrow at all?

While we understand that John Diggle's son becomes Connor Hawke in the future, John and Lyla could have had a son while still having Baby Sara. The purpose behind the elimination of the Diggles' daughter is unclear, especially when her birth was such a defining moment in Diggle's life in Season 3.

It's disappointing that Flashpoint hasn't been used to make positive changes to Arrow. The Season 2 finale of The Flash presented writers with limitless possibilities that could have enhanced Arrow. And while I think Season 5 is off to a fantastic start, some restructuring of the events from Season 4 would have been welcomed by many fans and could have possibly resulted in an uptick in viewers.

We'll probably never know the writers' reasons for not using Flashpoint to their advantage, but to say this is a disappointing end to what could have been a major plot device is an understatement.

Were you expecting more results from Flashpoint?