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Warning: This post contains spoilers for and .

Tuesday's episode of The Flash (October 11) answered the question of how Barry Allen's trip back in time and the devastating aftereffects would be resolved, and it didn't necessarily leave things in a positive light for the Arrowverse. Many changes remained, some which have excited viewers (Caitlyn Snow's powers and potential to be Killer Frost). We only saw one difference on Arrow so far, but with all the changes that took place on The Flash, we should expect more.

As Barry Allen shared his trip back in time with Felicity Smoak, we caught a glimpse of John Diggle and his son instead of Baby Sara. Introducing a boy to the timeline, presumably named Connor, potentially sets up the future which we caught a glimpse of in an episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow last season. In "Star City 2046," the crew traveled to Star City where they met Connor Hawke, John Diggle's son.

In the episode, Star City had been devastated, and Oliver had put his hood aside after losing an arm and his best friend, Diggle. Quentin Lance had passed away, and Felicity Smoak had left the city, leaving behind a building emblazoned with Smoak Enterprises. In the meantime, Connor Hawke, who refused to use his father's last name, had picked up the mantle of Green Arrow.

So far, Arrow isn't giving us any reason to believe the future has changed and plenty of reasons to believe Flashpoint has created more disturbances that we've not seen yet.

Felicity Is Dating Someone Else

Though we've seen nothing concrete about Felicity's future, in episodes 5.01 and 5.02 of Arrow, Felicity and Oliver are back to being friends, and she is dating a police detective. Considering the strong connection Felicity has with Oliver and the devastation they both endured after their breakup, it's almost unimaginable she would be dating again so soon without some interference, possibly from Flashpoint.

So, perhaps, in this timeline, she and Oliver never dated. In 2046, she has left Star City, and being involved with someone would certainly give her a reason to leave.

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Quentin Lance Is On A Downward Spiral

We expected Quentin Lance to fall apart after his daughter's death so maybe this doesn't have as much to do with Flashpoint; however, he's also lost Donna Smoak (I hope not for too long). With these losses, Lance has returned to the bottle, and he's getting careless. Careless people endanger their lives, and Lance is dead in 2046. Whether that happens as a result of Flashpoint, we don't know. We did get one glimmer of hope when Thea offered Lance a job as Deputy Mayor, and he agreed.

Star City Seems Worse Off Than Ever

With the arrival of Tobias Church, Star City is losing ground. Citizens are in just as much danger now as they were in earlier seasons. Add Prometheus to the bunch, and we have an opponent who could take more from Oliver than Damien Darhk ever could. However you look at it, the city is dark, dangerous, and drawing nearer to devastation which is one step closer to 2046.

It's possible Flashpoint may not have affected Star City as much as it did Central City, but that would be a definite inconsistency. How could only one change have happened when, in Barry's world, everyone's lives had changed?

There are many questions still unanswered, and I'm a little anxious to discover what other havoc Barry Allen's decision to save his mother has wreaked on Star City. Whatever has happened, I hope there's a way to remedy some of the damage even without the speedster's help.

Do you think 'Arrow' will see more fallout from Flashpoint?


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