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Spoilers for the Arrow mid-season finale follow.

Arrow dropped a bomb on fans this evening with its mid-season finale. The entire episode was edge-of-your-seat drama and action, but it was the final minute that made every fan scream. As walks into the Arrow cave, Laurel turns around to greet him. And she looks very much alive!

Fans have asked for Laurel to return to and hoped would be used to bring her back. The writers certainly could bring her back, but doing so now isn't the best time with Oliver wanting everyone he cares about to disappear. And the unpleasant odds are good that Laurel is still dead.

Here's why viewers shouldn't get our hopes up too high.

The Abrupt Segue To The Ending Scene Is A Red Flag

One minute Oliver is kissing Susan Williams, and the next, he's walking back into the Arrowcave. The sequence of events doesn't make sense, and usually, when something doesn't make sense, it's something the writers have done on purpose.

There was no breakthrough where Oliver decided to leave Susan's apartment. The kiss didn't even end, and there is no logical good reason for Oliver to have left when he was feeling so despondent. Why would he return to the Arrowcave when he left because he didn't know where else to go?

Most Likely, Oliver Is Dreaming

It would be logical to assume the kiss between Susan and Oliver would lead to a bedroom scene. With Oliver in the state that he's in, it makes sense that he would dream about Laurel as he needs someone else to turn to. In his dreams, he can talk to Laurel and work out the problems in his world.

Laurel did say she knew him in his bones, and the Dominators just took Oliver back to Laurel in the crossover. So she could reasonably still be on his mind. And she is still very much alive in the dreamworld.

Or He Is Hallucinating

Remember back in Season 2 when Oliver was seeing Shado, Slade and even Tommy? He thought it was the rat poison Barry Allen had used to save him. As it turned out, Oliver's mind was playing tricks on him. He had issues that he needed to resolve, and seeing those people from his past helped him to do that, especially Tommy.

If Oliver is hallucinating, that does bring up one really interesting question: what is making him hallucinate? Could Susan Williams, the reporter, have drugged him when she gave him that glass of alcohol?

We won't know how or why Laurel is standing in the Arrowcave until Arrow returns in January, but there will be plenty of speculation and a lot more hope. But we need to remember what Wendy Mericle, the Executive Producer of Arrow, said after Laurel died in Season 4:

"Death does not mean goodbye on any of these shows, but we made a creative choice and we’re sticking to it."

That does not sound like a live version of Laurel Lance will be returning to Arrow.

Do you think Laurel Lance is still alive?


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