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Arrow Season 5 has brought the show back from the brink, and fans couldn’t be more excited about its return to glory. Arrow has gone back to its roots by focusing on the gritty street-level, character-driven action that helped put the show on the map in its first two seasons.

Arrow Season 5 marks the end of Oliver’s five-year journey — from being shipwrecked on Lian Yu to arriving in Starling City and becoming the Arrow. Over the past five seasons, Arrow has relied heavily on flashbacks to help bridge the missing half-decade in Oliver’s life to what is happening to modern day.

Arrow's executive producer Wendy Mericle recently spoke on the future of the show, and hinted that it will finally be moving on from flashbacks. Mericle also made some interesting comments about Oliver’s new path in Arrow Season 6, and hints that fans might be different type of show from here on out.

Arrow EP Wendy Mericle Comments On Season 6

Arrow [Credit: The CW]
Arrow [Credit: The CW]

While speaking with ComicBook.Com, Mericle detailed Oliver’s future in Arrow Season 6, and hinted that fans are going to see the start of a new journey for the Green Arrow:

“Oliver is moving toward forging a new legacy, he’s put this past and this burden from his family to rest and he’s moving forward to redefine that in season 6. It’s all new, and he’s got this wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from now, and a team to work with. Moving into season 6, we’re not calling it a reboot because the show’s still called Arrow and it’s still about Oliver and his team, so that part’s not changing, but we aren’t going to have the flashbacks."

Arrow Season 5 will be the end of Oliver’s quest to save Star City and repair the damage done by his parents. Prometheus looks to be the final obstacle in his way, and after Oliver defeats him, this chapter of Arrow will end. Moving forward, the show will have the chance to explore other characters on Team Arrow, giving fans a fresh take new take on the show:

"It gives us a lot more real estate, a lot more space to hopefully bring in some cool villains and tell some cool character stories — and we have some new characters on the show whose backstories we really haven’t had an opportunity to experience. We saw a little bit of Wild Dog’s, we haven’t seen that much of Dinah’s. If we bring in anybody new or we’d love to have Ragman back at some point as well, we can use the flashback device to tell other people’s kind of islands, if you will. And that part is very exciting.”

Wendy Mericle’s comments hint that Arrow Season 6 will be a “soft reboot,” which will point the show in a different direction from the first five seasons. We’ve seen other shows do this in the past — most notably Stargate SG-1 Season 9 — and it is a storytelling device used to keep the show fresh, and serves to start a new chapter in a show’s saga.

What Would A Soft Reboot Of Arrow Look Like?

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters [Credit DC Comics]
Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters [Credit DC Comics]

Star City has always been a key plot device on Arrow, but it has also limited the number of stories that can be told — Oliver can only save the city from a super villain so many times before it gets old. It would make sense that Arrow would take a note from the Green Arrow comics, and attempt to forge a new path for Oliver — as we saw in the classic 1987 DC Comics run, Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters.

The Longbow Hunters served as a fresh start for an aging Oliver Queen, that saw the Green Arrow move to Seattle and rediscover who he was. Oliver found new purpose, and got involved in the investigation of the serial killer: the Seattle Slasher. Oliver and Dinah later got involved in an ongoing government investigation, and events unfolded that would reshape who Oliver is as a character.

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While a direct adaptation of The Longbow Hunters would not work on Arrow, the shows have been known to take popular comic storylines and adapt them for their shows — much like what we saw with Flashpoint on The Flash. It’s a perfect launchpad for a new chapter of Arrow, and it would give the show a chance to bring in new villains and heroes.

It would also be a nice change of pace from the numerous Batman storylines Arrow has adapted, and it would be a great way to kick-off this new chapter for the show.

Arrow Season 5 is wrapping up it’s phenomenal Prometheus arc, and Team Arrow will have to pull out all the stops to defeat Adrian Chase. Once we see the Arrow Season 5 finale, we will get a better idea of what Season 6 will look like, and what this new chapter for the show will be.

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