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The highly anticipated sixth season of Arrow is finally upon us, and from the few episodes we've seen so far, it definitely looks like it's going to be one hell of a year. With beloved characters returning, new villains on the loose and the fallout from the explosive Season 5 finale, it's safe to say that Star City is in for one heck of a year.

But one person who's also in for quite the year is the Green Arrow himself, Oliver Queen. The current Mayor of Star City is renowned for leading an adventurous love life, having been in relationships with his teenage sweetheart/first love Laurel Lance, her sister Sara and most recently, Felicity Smoak.

However, according to Arrow's executive producer, Wendy Mericle, this year's four-show crossover will have major implications for the Green Arrow's love life. In a recent interview with TV Guide, Mericle claimed that the special episodes will see Oliver explore the notion of "true love."

While recent set photos have seemingly confirmed this, and revealed the identity of Oliver's next love interest, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the right creative choice for the show. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at why he should end up with Black Siren instead. Laurel Lance's evil doppelgänger has a major part to play this season, and here's why she should also have a major role in Oliver's life.

It Would Be Comic Accurate

Fans of the DC Comics character will know that the Green Arrow is destined to end up with the Black Canary a.k.a. Dinah Laurel Lance. Black Canary is a skilled martial artist from Earth-2 with a metahuman scream that is affectionately known as the Canary Cry. But she eventually falls for the Emerald Archer, and the two fight crime together.

Despite being a series based on a comic book, Arrow is renowned for deviating from the source material. The show started off by introducing us to Oliver's one true love — lawyer Dinah Laurel Lance. While she was a lovable, relatable and strong character, she was drastically different from her comic book counterpart. But after years of overcoming heartache and enduring intense training, Laurel finally became the Black Canary in Season 3.

Oliver and Laurel were soulmates in Season 1. [Credit: The CW]
Oliver and Laurel were soulmates in Season 1. [Credit: The CW]

While some fans had issues with Arrow's version of the Black Canary, the show should be commended for giving us an original and fresh interpretation. As it tried its best to remain grounded, in a realistic world, their Laurel didn't possess a metahuman Canary Cry, and instead used a sonic collar that was developed by The Flash's Cisco Ramon.

But despite its originality starting off so well, the show's deviations in other areas eventually led to its downfall. Its reliance on less important original characters led to the sidelining of headliner characters like Laurel, and thus, Oliver fell in love with Felicity Smoak while the Black Canary was eventually killed off.

But whether you were a fan of Laurel or not, it doesn't change the fact that Arrow now has a shot at redemption. Black Siren is already incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, possesses a metahuman Canary Cry and she's from Earth-2. Thus, not only is she the Earth-2 doppelgänger of the show's Black Canary, she is basically the real Black Canary from the comic books.

Black Siren is identical to the comic book version of Black Canary. [Credit: DC Comics/The CW]
Black Siren is identical to the comic book version of Black Canary. [Credit: DC Comics/The CW]

Laurel Lance was undoubtedly a product of her time. She was a realistic character that thrived during Arrow's realistic phase. But with the introduction of The Flash, the Arrowverse has been opened up to metahumans and alternate Earths. Thus, the show has a chance to redeem itself for its poor treatment of Laurel by bringing in a version of her that is practically identical to her comic book counterpart.

Not only does this give Katie Cassidy her rightful spot back on the show, it gives the showrunners a chance to give us the Laurel and Oliver romance that they robbed us of after Season 1. If the Green Arrow is destined to fall in love with an Earth-2 metahuman, I couldn't think of anyone better than Earth-2's Dinah Laurel Lance, Black Siren.

As far as superhero romances go, Green Arrow and Black Canary are as iconic as Clark Kent and Lois Lane — and it's ludicrous that Arrow has avoided it for so long. Now, they finally have a chance to give it back to us.

Oliver Is The Only One Who Sees Good In Her

Since showing up on Earth-1, Black Siren hasn't won over a lot of people. She originally led the metapocalypse in Central City on The Flash, before tormenting Oliver on Arrow. And now she's working with a mysterious individual who revived her, to once again torment the loved ones of her Earth-1 doppelgänger. But despite all that, the Green Arrow still sees good in her.

Can Black Siren be redeemed? [Credit: The CW]
Can Black Siren be redeemed? [Credit: The CW]

After Oliver discovered that parallel dimensions, doppelgängers and Black Siren existed, he had her imprisoned at A.R.G.U.S. instead of Iron Heights prison. Speaking with Felicity, he eventually revealed that he did this in order to keep a close eye on her, hoping that she could be redeemed.

Furthermore, Black Siren even opened up to him at one point, revealing that, like Earth-1's Laurel, she too fell in love with Oliver Queen. However, on her Earth, he tragically died — which eventually led her down the dark path she is currently on. Oliver tried to hold on to this last season, and make her see that the love she felt for his doppelgänger proved she could overcome the darkness. While she has yet to do so, there's still a strong possibility that it could happen.

The dynamic between the Green Arrow and Black Siren is reminiscent of the relationship between Batman and Catwoman (although Siren is much more vicious). The superhero is adamant that he can set her on the right path and won't let anyone tell him otherwise. Thus, it's possible that his quest to redeem her could eventually result in him falling for her.

It's no secret that the Green Arrow and Black Canary are soulmates within the pages of DC Comics. The heroic archer falls for the badass metahuman of Earth-2, and the two fight crime together. And if the same thing were to happen on Arrow, then the show's version of Oliver Queen would end up falling for Black Siren. The show ultimately failed the original version of Dinah Laurel Lance by sidelining her and killing her off, but they do have a chance to do right by her (and Katie Cassidy) through Black Siren.

Furthermore, a pairing between Star City's mayor and the villain from Earth-2 isn't that unlikely. Both of these characters have fallen in love with each other's doppelgängers, so the attraction is undoubtedly there. And as Oliver Queen is relentless in his quest to find some good within Black Siren's heart, he may end up realising that he is the only one who can pull her from the darkness. But could that lead to a relationship between these two iconic comic book characters?

Would you like to see Oliver Queen fall for Black Siren in Arrow Season 6? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: TV Guide]


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