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Do or do not, there is no try..
Kerry Cepero

This season of has definitely turned the corner back towards entertaining television. With a sharper focus on the action and less time spent on Oliver's () love life, we have seen better storytelling that feels right for the legendary character, filled with the proper amount of darkness and stress.

However, there seems to be this ongoing theme of self doubt that keeps rearing its ugly head, and it did so again in the last episode "Bratva."

Oliver needed to make a hard decision in order to achieve his objective, which was to attain information for a sale. The task wasn't hard for someone of his caliber, and yet it brought upon this familiar moment of angst and despair that has been a thorn in his side; the same theme over the past five seasons, and the same advice given by a long list of characters. Oliver blames himself for someone, or something, or he tries to change over and over again and someone is there to remind him that he is good, or to embrace what he his.

Oliver's Internal Struggle

Whether it's been in the current timeline or flashbacks, Oliver is always fighting the same battle within himself, and after five years under the hood it's time for that to stop. Every hero has regret, but there comes a time when he/she must accept who they are and what they must do to save the day. It's time for the Emerald Archer to stop doubting what he does or who he is and accept his life, both past and present.

It's time for Oliver Queen to finally be written like the hero he is. No more crying about past mistakes, no more self blame for this or that. It's time to see the Legend onscreen on the the way he was meant to be.

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