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Warning: The post contains spoilers for The Flash Season 3 and Arrow Season 5

Oliver and Team Arrow are battling a new evil this year — one that will push #Arrow to the limits of his capabilities. This newest big bad has much more in store for Oliver than eliminating him, showrunner Wendy Mericle recently told TV Guide:

"He's a villain unlike any we've seen on the show before. He's less interested in killing people and killing Oliver, and much more interested in torturing Oliver and outing him. He's got Oliver's number. He has a very specific idea of who he truly is behind that mask and he's going to go after him and try to expose him to the world."

Though the question of how #Prometheus knows so much about #OliverQueen was answered, with the glimpse of Evelyn Sharp's betrayal recently, another question still lurks in the #Arrowverse: where did this enemy come from?

There is plenty of speculation that Prometheus arose as a result of Flashpoint

#BarryAllen's trip back in time at the end of Season 2 of #TheFlash had effects across the DCTV Universe. As Barry and his team deal with Dr. Alchemy, a villain for which #Flashpoint is directly responsible, it stands to reason Barry's misguided attempt at a better life could have caused the trickle down effect.

As I mentioned in a previous post, not much has happened in Star City as a result of Flashpoint with the exception of the change in the gender of John Diggle's child. This could be the perfect opportunity to see a major fallout.

Mericle has also said that Prometheus has an ax to grind with Oliver because of indignities and tragedies he has suffered at the hands of the Green Arrow. Supposedly, this plot for revenge has been building for four years, and now the perfect plan has been set into motion. But did the plan start in Season 1, or did it start in Season 5 because of Flashpoint?

Did Prometheus even exist before the shift in the timeline?

To answer that question, we only have to look at Dr. Alchemy. Doesn't it make sense that Barry's poor choice would create a dark enemy in both Central City and Star City? Four years is a long time to wait and plan for revenge. Not even Slade Wilson waited that long.

Whatever we think might have been the cause of Promethus's arrival, we can't ignore Wendy Mericle's words back in August when discussing the new villain.

"Flashpoint provides an interesting jumping off point for all the shows this year, in that we have this reset button available to us if we want it. We've landed on a few things, but the door is open. That's the fun part. You can play with it in whatever way, shape, or form you want to. I think it will be small in some ways, and big in others."

Is Mericle talking about the effects of Flaspoint being big in some ways? If that's the case, we haven't seen it so far — or have we? Either way, we won't know who Prometheus is or whether Flashpoint created him until the big reveal, which doesn't look like it will be coming as early as it has in previous seasons.

That means we'll have to hang on for the ride and hope Oliver doesn't end up blaming Barry Allen for bringing a whole lot of unneeded danger to Star City.

Do you think Prometheus was caused by Flashpoint? Let me know in the comments below!