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Warning: Spoilers for Arrow Season 5 ahead.

Arrow managed to release another exciting and action-packed episode this week with "So It Begins," where the story finally started to shine a light on the season's main antagonist Prometheus. For the first five episodes, the villain was only teased while the show focused on building the new team. Now that Arrow fans are beginning to realize that the producers finally started to get themselves together, we are actually sitting back and watching where things go from here rather than criticizing its every move.

In the opening two minutes when Prometheus laid out "So It Begins" in big, fiery letters, Team Arrow realized that Prometheus is beginning his evil plan. At the end of the episode, Felicity came up with a big conclusion and the show may have just revealed who the man behind this hood really is.

Has Arrow Revealed The Identity Of Prometheus Already?

During the episode, Prometheus began to murder different people including a random housewife. Felicity tried to figure out if there was a pattern to Prometheus' victims and eventually found out that his two most recent victims names can be used as anagrams for people that were formerly on Oliver's list from Season 1. This goes back to the fact that Prometheus is the result of Oliver's questionable actions as the Hood in Season 1. Obviously, he has the list or at least is aware of Oliver's hit list that his father gave him before he died.

At the end of the episode, Felicity informed Oliver that it turned out that Prometheus's throwing stars that he has been using to kill his victims are smelted from all of the different old arrows Oliver has used in the past. Therefore, the person behind the mask of Prometheus has access to the police department's evidence locker. While Felicity said all of this, we saw Quentin Lance wake up in his apartment with a large and bloody cut across his arm and then he picked up one of Prometheus's throwing stars from his coffee table with a confused look on his face. During all of this, there is someone knocking at his door to his apartment.

Could Quentin Lance Be Prometheus?

From the way Arrow ended the episode, it appeared as though Quentin Lance could be Prometheus. However, I do not believe for a second this is the case. Judging from how the show has tricked people into believing one thing and then something completely different happens, I think that applies to this situation as well. This happened with the grave mystery last season where the show would heavily hint that it was one character, until completely reversed and ending up killing Laurel Lance — a death no one saw coming.

How does that apply to this situation though? First of all, Prometheus has already proven that he is not just ruthless, but an intelligent villain that is always one step ahead. Secondly, he is aware of Oliver's past and is most likely someone who knew him on a personal level like Tommy Merlyn, therefore knowing Quentin Lance. Given those circumstances, it is quite apparent that Prometheus set up Quentin by leaving one of his throwing stars on his coffee table and he cut Quentin's arm in the same spot where he was cut this episode. The reason Quentin wouldn't be able to feel it is because he drank himself to sleep. This plausible theory also explains who was knocking on his door, which I expect to be the police.

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How Will This Play Out Next Episode And Beyond?

The reason why the show has put a lot of attention on Quentin and his issues with alcohol was all development for this moment. Thea has always been fighting alongside Quentin and now, he is going to be accused of being Prometheus, even though he is not. Lance is going to go through a character arc where he's going to need Thea, Oliver, and the rest of Team Arrow to trust him but since he has been hiding drinking from Thea and especially Oliver, it will draw some conflict whether or not he could be trusted.

Also, even though next episode will focus on Star City's new hero and whether or not Team Arrow can trust him or not in "The Vigilante," the description for this upcoming episode reveals that Thea will indeed be supporting Quentin Lance's case to be proven innocent. You can see the official synopsis below:

DOLPH LUNDGREN ("ROCKY IV") GUEST STARS - When the bodies of two criminals are dropped at SCPD, Oliver (Stephen Amell) realizes there is a new Vigilante in Star City. The team is split about whether they should stop someone who is helping keep the city safe. Diggle (David Ramsey) is frustrated with his new situation and Thea (Willa Holland) fights for Lance (Paul Blackthorne) who confesses a shocking secret.

The "shocking secret" the episode description refers to most likely has to do with Quentin's drinking problem and how he hasn't been sober the whole entire time behind Thea's back. It is also notable to mention that Oliver will not be very pleased or lenient with the fact that Quentin has done this and with that and the fact that he is being accused of being Prometheus, he will probably be (temporarily) removed from his position.

If Not Quentin, Who Is Prometheus?

Tyreese should've listened
Tyreese should've listened

One thing for sure is that the show will also deceive its viewers at least one or two more times with misleading hints to his identity, so don't grab the bait right away.

If the show was smart, they would wait a while until revealing who really is behind the mask. Revealing his/her identity too soon could really take away from the mystery and "badass" qualities of the character. Last season of The Flash, we saw the same situation with Zoom where he was a fierce and chilling villain until they revealed who was behind the mask and took all the effect away from Zoom. Arrow must make sure that they reveal the identity at the perfect moment; not too early but not too late either.

Anyhow, it is hard to tell who Prometheus really is. Clearly, it has to be someone from Oliver's past, specifically from Season 1. Tommy Merlyn is definitely an excellent candidate yet it may be too on the nose. There are a dozen other choices for who's behind the archer and since we haven't received too much evidence, it is just pulling a name out of a hat when guessing who Prometheus at this point. In a couple of episodes, we should be able to narrow down some of our answers and be able to better estimate the true identity of the "Star-Throwing Killer".


Is Quentin Lance Prometheus?

What did you guys think of "So It Begins"? Who do you think Prometheus is? Tell me below!