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Spoilers from the Arrow Season 5 mid-season finale follow.

Prometheus has proven himself to be more than a worthy opponent for Oliver Queen. In tonight's episode, he took aim at several of the team members and dealt Oliver himself a blow that nearly crippled him.

Felicity lost her boyfriend at Oliver's hand. Curtis almost lost his life and probably has lost his husband, although that isn't directly attributable to . Diggle fell for Prometheus's trap and ended up walking into a room full of armed law enforcement officers ready to take him back to prison. And Oliver's foundation is shaken. When the smoke cleared, only three members of Team Arrow remained unscathed.

But with Prometheus promising to make Oliver suffer and his knowledge of the team, it is almost guaranteed that he will come after , and (even though she isn't officially a member of the team any longer). And the potential for damage could be astronomical.

Ragman (Rory)

He joined the team after Oliver convinced him there was a better way to honor his father's memory, but he had a difficult time once he learned the hand played in the death of his family. In my opinion, he came to acceptance a little too easily.

Prometheus managed to turn Evelyn against Oliver easily enough, and Ragman's allegiance could shift if the killer plays on Oliver's knowledge of Havenrock and Felicity's part in its desecration. It might be a bit of a long shot, but Ragman had plenty of anger stored up when Oliver met him. How difficult would it be to resurrect that anger and steer it toward Felicity? Harming her would automatically place him at the top of Oliver's kill list.

Wild Dog (Rene)

This guy has never been 100 percent behind the team effort. He's a bit of a loose cannon, but Oliver has given him a second chance. However, Wild Dog has trouble with taking direction. He always seems to think he knows what's best. Even after almost getting killed by Tobias Church, he still runs ahead without thinking.

Prometheus could very easily set Rene up, leading him to believe he's doing the right thing. It wouldn't take a major effort to turn Rene's anger, that's always simmering below the surface, into fury if he thinks he's been betrayed. And with John Diggle, who was fast becoming Rene's mentor, getting arrested again, this is the optimal opening for Rene to do something that could end up making things worse for both himself and .

Thea (Speedy)

Even though she's technically no longer an member of Team Arrow, Thea is still on Prometheus's list as her picture was on his wall. I think, as Oliver's sister, she's probably at the top. She's been through hell in the and has come out on the other side, something I don't doubt Prometheus already knows. So his design for her will be of the worst variety.

What would be the one thing that would torment Oliver the most? One would automatically assume the death of his sister, but I think Prometheus has something much more nefarious planned for her, possibly an abduction with torture. Killing her would be too simple. Keeping her alive but in torment would send Oliver over the edge. In addition, it would be an opportunity for the writers to bring a much different Speedy back into the fold once she is found.

Imagine if she has to endure a little of what Oliver endured on the island. Would she seek revenge as he did? Would her capture and subsequent torture strip away what is left of her hope for a normal life? Watching his sister crumble and fall would be almost as painful as it gets for Oliver.

However Prometheus plans to attack the remaining team members, we're all but guaranteed Oliver is going to feel his wrath much like he felt Slade Wilson's. I think this one may be just as damaging.

Which team member do you think Prometheus will target next?


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