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This post contains spoilers for Arrow Season 5.

When the mid-season finale of ended on December 7th, John Diggle had become one of Prometheus's victims. On the run from the military and the federal government, was hiding out in the Arrowcave since Oliver and Lyla risked their own lives to rescue him from a federal prison in Episode 5. And while the rescue strengthened the bond between Diggle and Oliver, it didn't give Diggle the freedom to return to his old life.

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Unable to see the light of day, Diggle only left his new cell as Spartan, protecting the streets from the people he could never see in daylight. And while he still used his wisdom and knowledge to help people, like Wild Dog, it wasn't difficult to see that Diggle wasn't happy being a different kind of prisoner. The charges against him weren't going away, and that meant there was no telling how long this would be his life.

For five episodes into the new season, Diggle struggled to accept his new normal, curtailing family time, and we saw glimpses of his heartbreak and frustration. Then he fell into Prometheus's elaborate trap. Believing Lyla was in danger, Diggle ran to protect her — and straight into an army waiting to arrest him.

And that's where Diggle's life takes a turn for the better. Even though Diggle was out of prison, technically, he wasn't free. So while Prometheus might think he's torn Diggle's life apart, he actually may have done him a favor.

Diggle's ready to fight, and it's something he might never have done if he hadn't fallen for Prometheus's trick. We don't know if Diggle would have ever turned himself in to fight the charges against him legally, and now that the choice has been taken out of his hands, we'll never know. But one thing is true: the Diggle who was hiding out from law enforcement wasn't the Diggle he's meant to be.

In fact, the CW gave us a sneak peek of Episode 10, which airs on January 25th, and it looks like Diggle isn't running anymore:

Of course, this is Arrow, so there are no guarantees that Diggle is going to be acquitted, but whatever happens, his life is going to change yet again. Whether it's for good or bad, we won't know until the season returns, but I commend the writers for sending John Diggle down this path. This storyline is fast becoming one of his strongest.

What do you think about Diggle's story line this season?


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