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Note: This article contains spoilers for Arrow Season 5 Episode 22, 'Missing'.

Ahoy mateys! Arrow's fan-favorite ship has officially set sail and the internet has so many feels about it. You heard me, Olicity is back. Oliver and Felicity, coined , have been dancing around each other since their breakup last season, driving shippers of the couple insane after it took all of three seasons to get them together in the first place. However, hopes for a bright future for Olicity were reignited a few Arrow episodes back during 'Underneath' when Oliver and Felicity were trapped inside the bunker together. The pair talked out their problems as well as they could whilst bleeding out and being paralyzed, ending the ordeal by saving each other's lives and working as a team.

Felicity and Oliver cheers / via The CW
Felicity and Oliver cheers / via The CW

'Underneath' might as well have been a green light for Olicity, as it sailed full steam ahead straight into this week's episode, with Felicity confirming at Oliver's surprise party that the on and off again previously engaged pair were officially dating once more. Yes, she took care to note that they should take things slowly, one step at a time, but the smile on Oliver's face said he was ready to dive right back in.

It's worth it to note Felicity lured Oliver to said party via a fake dinner date invitation with her. This all, of course, ignited a frenzy on the internet among shippers and non-shippers alike. Olicity fans erupted into a harmonious melody of GIFs and tweets galore as their blood, sweat, and tears finally paid off and Olicity was reunited. All cool was lost, and Olicity shippers gave zero fucks.

However, not all Arrow fans were as quick to celebrate. In fact, for some, bringing Olicity back together signals Arrow's demise, despite it already being renewed for .

Yikes! Well you can't make everybody happy, right? Olicity has been a theme of controversy on Arrow for a few seasons being the couple's romance doesn't actually exist in the original Green Arrow comics from DC. Instead, Oliver Queen's love interest is Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary. However Green Arrow and Black Canary's romance never took off on the show mainly because the actors, and , never quite found their footing together with the audience.

Still, fans did begin to notice the chemistry Stephen lacked with Cassidy elsewhere in the series between and his quirky IT girl, . Thus, Olicity was born.

While all seems like it could go in Olicity's favor at the end of Season 5, battle-born Olicity shippers know not to get too comfortable yet. With Black Siren now on Chase's team, and Team Arrow rendered useless, Oliver called on some familiar faces to back him up and journey with him to Lian-Yu to save his squad. Yes, Malcolm Merlin; Nyssa Al Ghul; and in a surprising twist, Deathstroke, the very man he once trapped on that island himself, are back.

Can Oliver defeat his own demons that still linger on the island where it all began while also beating Chase and his band of villains to save his friends?

Watch the Arrow season 5 finale next Wednesday May 24th at 8/7c on The CW to find out!


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