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We're three episodes into Season 5 of Arrow now, and while A Matter of Trust may not have had quite the same wow factor as the previous two instalments, there were still plenty of highlights to be found this week.

Not only did Stephen Amell's WWE rival Cody Rhodes pop up for a rematch as the super-powered Derek Sampson, but we were also taken aback by the surprise return of Deadshot, who was last seen dying in Season 3. While his return was brief, it was nice to see Floyd Lawton appear once again in the Arrowverse — especially after the mixed response that Will Smith's Deadshot received in Suicide Squad this year.

Here's a breakdown of each new cast member, which will bring you up to speedy:

However, among all the resurrections and those frankly amazing slo-mo scenes, there was a whole lot more going on that even diehard Arrowheads may have missed.

Easter Eggs

[Via DC Comics/The CW]
[Via DC Comics/The CW]

The week saw the reappearance of Channel 52, a news broadcasting channel that clearly pays homage to DC's New 52 line in the comics. However, the most significant reference to the comics became apparent during Curtis Holt's official debut as Mr Terrific.

While we've already said plenty about this classic JSA hero recently, it was great to finally see Mr Terrific in action, complete with a faithful adaptation of his comic book costume. Plenty of fans may have already seen that development coming from a mile off. However, what you may not have noticed is that Curtis cites a wrestler called Terry Sloane as the inspiration behind the jacket's slogan, "Fair Play." In reality, Terry Sloane is the name of the original Mr Terrific from the comics, decades before Michael Holt took over his identity in 1997.

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

Speaking of vigilantes, viewers finally had the chance to meet Adrian Chase, a new addition to the cast who just so happens to moonlight as a crime-fighter called Vigilante. While we didn't see Vigilante in action this week, it won't be long before the costume we first saw in a sketch during the season premiere finally appears.

When it comes to vigilantes though, there are none more famous than Batman. Oliver shares a number of parallels with the Dark Knight, so it's fitting that elements of his mythology occasionally appear on Arrow. This week, the villainous Derek Sampson fell into a vat of chemicals and was transformed into something darker — much like a certain Clown Prince of Crime who became the Joker in a similar way.

Quotes That Hit The Mark

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Ragman's the only one surprised by Oliver's questionable teaching methods for some reason:

"Wait, he hits you guys?"

Oliver casually threatens to cripple someone while on a night out:

"I'm not going to kill you, but I can't guarantee you'll walk away from this."

Team Arrow learn fast:

"What did we learn? Don't piss off Oliver."

Deadshot is more sassy than one would expect from a hallucination:

"Hey John, looks like we're soulmates again. Aint that something?"

The death of Rory's family in Haven Rock FINALLY begins to weigh on Felicity's mind:

"Does he know that I destroyed his hometown with a nuclear missile five months ago? No. It hasn't come up."

Imagine if the cast of Arrow were far happier, living out life like an '80s soap opera:

Diggle reminds us why he's such a loveable character:

"Shut up for five minutes so I won't have to kill you."

Emily Bett Rickards impresses us by finishing this line without once bursting into uncontrollable laughter:

"What I do know about him is that he has several thousand year old rags that he can mystically use to strangle me."

In one line, Felicity proves that she's far more hood than any of us ever realised:

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Shakespeare — or Tupac?"

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

This nameless henchman clearly doesn't appreciate how awesome Mr Terrific's costume looks:

"Why are you smiling, dirtbag?"

Artemis drops a cheeky nod to DC fans by inadvertently addressing Mr Terrific with the wrong code name:

"I think you dropped this, Mr Fair Play."

Oliver reminds us that he can be a genuinely scary mutha f**ker when he puts his mind to it:

"Just because you can't feel your tendons being sliced doesn't mean you don't need them."

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

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Questions Raised By 'A Matter Of Trust'

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]
  • Will Rory ever forgive Felicity for nuking his home town and murdering everyone he's ever loved in a blazing hot atomic inferno?
  • Will the slo-mo action scenes ever end? Because we really don't want that to happen. They're amazing. Sold.
  • Will there ever be a better fight scene in the history of Arrow than that moment when Oliver used a grappling hook arrow to pull Derek Sampson towards him for a mid-air punch? No. The answer is obviously no.
  • Wasn't Stephen Amell just a teeny bit tempted to look back at that Michael Bay-style explosion to check that his quiver hadn't caught on fire?
  • Will we ever become tired of seeing the Bratva make Oliver go topless?
  • When will Mr Terrific start using his T-Spheres? Those things are legit.
  • Where's Prometheus? Shouldn't he pop up at the end of the episode, loudly reminding people that he wants the Green Arrow for himself?

Find out if any of these questions will be answered in Episode 4, 'Penance', by watching the preview below:

Even on weeks where not as much happens as usual, Season 5 of Arrow is still proving to be the best run of the show in years. The fight scenes alone are genuinely impressive and light years ahead of what used to be standard on the show. If Arrow continues to forge ahead on this path, it could be a very long time before Stephen Amell finally hangs up his quiver and bow for good.


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