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Season 5 of has raised a number of questions in the past few weeks, including: How does Mister Terrific find time to corn-row his hair en route to each crime scene? And what would the cast look like on a '80s show like Dynasty?

While we now know the answer to the latter thanks to this video and the mystery behind Mister Terrific's hair will forever remain unknown, there's one more question that's intrigued Arrow fans above all others: Who is Prometheus?

The most popular theories doing the rounds so far suggest that the evil mercenary could be Tommy Merlyn, Detective Malone or even Oliver's father, Robert Queen — but so far, fans are still none the wiser. However, while the sadist in me secretly hopes that Arrow's jumped the shark and will throw Zoom back into the mix, a fan called Texas Campbell recently proposed an intriguing theory that suggests former sidekick Roy Harper could be the man behind the mask.

[Via MTV]
[Via MTV]

Roy Harper Has A Killer Past

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Although Roy Harper once worked hard to defend Star City as Green Arrow's sidekick, Arsenal has had his fair share of problems in the past. After 's character was exposed to the Mirakuri drug, he fell into a blind rage just like Deathstroke before him, and ended up killing a police officer.

While Harper's supposedly cured now and long since retired from the superhero game, Arrow's executive producers have already stated that Prometheus holds strong links with Oliver's past, so it's not much of a stretch to imagine that Arsenal could have somehow reverted to his murderous ways. After all, there's already a distinct parallel between Roy and Prometheus, as both of their first murder victims on the show were police officers, and Harper was never the most mentally stable recruit fighting under Oliver's wing.

Colton Haynes Has Already Confirmed His Return To Arrow

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Fans have known for a long time now that Roy Harper would return in Season 5 after taking an extended leave of absence throughout Season 4, but the producers haven't kept us up to Speedy with the details as of yet, remaining characteristically cagey.

However, everything we've seen of Prometheus so far matches Roy's own skill set perfectly, and if Harper really was the new big bad, this would line up nicely with Season 5's focus on legacy. What would be more dramatic than a final showdown between Oliver and his former protege? However, there's just one small problem;

Why Would Roy Harper Turn Evil Now?

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

The last time we saw Arsenal, the former vigilante was living a life on the run, but nothing he did suggested that Harper could potentially turn to the dark side. However, thanks to Barry Allen's meddling antics, the is now a very different place from when we last saw Roy.

So far, Flashpoint hasn't affected Arrow too much, aside from changing the gender of Diggle's baby — but what if something has happened in this new reality that could potentially turn Roy evil? Offscreen changes in the timeline could easily account for this shift in Harper's character, and such a shift would create stronger ties between Arrow and spin-off shows such as The Flash.

Admittedly, the team behind Arrow have suggested before that Flashpoint wouldn't have a huge impact on the show, but this could easily be a misdirect to conceal the true identity of Season 5's big bad.

Check out the rest of Season 5's cast in the clip below:

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Whether this version of Roy blames Oliver for having to leave Star City or whether he turns evil for another reason entirely, it would be a bold move to turn Green Arrow's former sidekick against him, proving once again that the team behind Arrow are determined to pull out all of the stops in order to make Season 5 the best one yet.


Do you think Roy Harper is secretly Prometheus?

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