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Arrow's Season 5 finale captured everyone's attention right out of the starting gate, and almost immediately "" began trending on Twitter. The tweets came hard and fast, the vast majority of them positive, especially those dealing with !

Note: spoilers follow for Arrow Season 5.

Deathstroke is the villain that everyone loved, and, until this season, he had been the best villain in a lot of fans' opinions. may have changed a lot of minds, though.

And no one can forget about having two canaries in the finale!

The love for and all he's had to endure over the last five seasons was strong. has been at his best all season long, and he finished Arrow on a high note that no one could deny. To say it was the best season finale the show's ever had might be a bit of an overstatement ... but then again, it might not be.

Amell knew this journey was coming to an end in a way we would never forget:

Even Rick Gonzalez knew we were going to love the finale, and he wasn't wrong!

To sum up the season finale, nothing says it better than this tweet:

If you're an Arrow fan, you probably loved the finale too. The writers did themselves proud, and we, as fans, couldn't be more excited about Season 6!

What did you think about the Arrow Season 5 finale? Let me know in the comments below!


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