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Note: this article contains heavy spoilers from Arrow's Season 5 finale "Lian Yu." The Emerald Archer returned to the island where it all began as 's fifth season drew to a close in the appropriately titled finale. However, he didn't return alone. In order to match Prometheus's army of Black Siren, Talia Al Guhl and Evelyn Sharp, Oliver Queen recruited Nyssa Al Guhl and his former enemies Slade Wilson, Malcolm Merlyn and Captain Boomerang.

The most powerful iteration of Team Arrow yet made its way across Lian Yu to do battle with Adrian Chase and his army in one incredible season finale that had us all on the edges of our seats. And while it finally brought some much-needed closure to Queen's five years in hell — ending the island flashbacks for good — it also left us with a lot of unanswered questions. Let's take a look at the most important ones:

1. Will All Of Team Arrow Survive The Blast?

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Undoubtedly the closing moment of Arrow's finale was the most shocking. Right when Oliver thought he had saved the day, Adrian Chase proved to be one step ahead once again. Oliver overcame Chase's bargain and managed to save both his son and his allies, letting Chase live in the process. But unfortunately, Chase tricked him again and killed himself, triggering the explosive devices on Lian Yu.

All Oliver could do was cradle his son and watch the island explode before his eyes — unable to save Thea, Diggle, Felicity, Quentin, Slade, Curtis, Renee, Dinah, Samantha and enemies Black Siren, Talia Al Guhl and Evelyn Sharp. Thus, we're left wondering who will survive. Now, I know Season 6 is going to be a soft reboot, but it's highly unlikely that they just got rid of their entire cast.

Moreover, we know that actors Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy and Rick Gonzalez are confirmed series regulars next season — so we know Black Siren, Dinah and Renee survive the blast. But who else will make it off Lian Yu for good?

2. Is Merlyn Really Dead?

Another shocking moment came when Dark Archer Malcolm Merlyn shoved his daughter Thea aside, taking her place on top of a land mine. In many ways, it was the redemption that the Big Bad of Season 1 had been longing for, in order to prove he truly loved Thea.

Since Merlyn's incredible outing as Season 1's main villain, he has suffered from questionable storylines and more heel turns than any character in history. After a refreshing run as a villain on Legends Of Tomorrow, his return to Arrow allowed him to be a hero one more time. But did he truly die? Remember, Oliver "killed" him back in Season 1, yet he returned during Season 2 and has been present ever since.

Merlyn once told us that death is merely an illusion. Could the Dark Archer have tricked us one more time? While actor John Barrowman is supposedly done with the for now, that doesn't mean that the Magician didn't have one more trick up his sleeve.

And what of Captain Boomerang? Malcolm chose to step off the device when surrounded by Harkness and Prometheus's men. While we did hear an explosion, we don't know what happened to either of the two men. Could either of them have made an escape, or have we truly seen the last of these two legendary comic book characters?

3. What's Next For Black Siren?

Black Siren will be sticking around next season. [Credit: The CW]
Black Siren will be sticking around next season. [Credit: The CW]

Black Siren may have debuted on The Flash last year as Zoom's chief lieutenant before playing the same kind of role for Prometheus. But now that Chase is gone, Laurel Lance's Earth-2 doppelgänger can finally follow her own path. As Cassidy has returned as a series regular for Season 6, and will portray the character full-time, we know that Black Siren will survive the Lian Yu blast. But we have to wonder: what's next for the screaming Siren?

The villain went head to head with the show's new Canary Dinah Drake in a battle that saw the two ladies hit each other with their own Canary Cries. But she was finally taken out by Earth-1 Laurel's father, Quentin. But as he was the only person that Black Siren showed any compassion towards, it's likely their paths will cross a lot more in Season 6. Is a redemption arc on the cards for Earth-2 Laurel, or is she destined to be the Big Bad of Arrow's new era?

4. Will William Be In Season 6?

Aside from Black Siren, Dinah, Renee and Oliver himself, William is arguably the safest character on the show right now. As Season 5 came to an end, Oliver held his son tightly as they watched the explosions erupt on Lian Yu. The two were finally reunited after Chase couldn't make the Green Arrow choose between his son and his team.

William and his mother Samantha were sent away in Season 4 after Damien Darhk tried to harm him to get to Oliver. But now that Chase dragged him back into Oliver's world, could we see him sticking around for Season 6? Remember, as Samantha was on the island when the charges detonated, there's a possibility that she won't make it, leaving William without a mother. But if she does survive, will the both of them feature more in Oliver's life next season?

Seeing Oliver be a father to William is definitely something we have longed for. And with the show heading in a new direction next season, William would be a welcome addition.

5. Will We See Slade Again?

Season 2 Big Bad Slade Wilson was freed by Oliver to assist in stopping Chase. With the Mirakuru out of his system now, it seems Deathstroke is in full possession of his faculties and remembers Oliver as the friend he was to him on Lian Yu, before his dark days as the sword-wielding villain. Despite multiple staged betrayals, Slade proved his loyalty and stuck by Oliver's side, helping him defeat Prometheus. And so, we have to wonder: will he return to the show next season?

After all, Oliver provided Slade with the means of tracking down his own son. Thus, could we see Slade looking for little Deathstroke during the show's sixth season? It was amazing to see actor Manu Bennett back where he belongs after a two-year absence, and more Deathstroke next season isn't just a possibility — it's a must! That is, of course, if he survived the blast.

It was great seeing Deathstroke back where he belongs. [Credit: The CW]
It was great seeing Deathstroke back where he belongs. [Credit: The CW]

The epic season finale not only brought Arrow back to where it needs to be, but ended up being one of the show's finest episodes ever. With the likes of Katie Cassidy, Manu Bennett, Katrina Law and John Barrowman back where they belong — as well as the culmination of the Prometheus storyline — the episode was a thrill-ride for the ages.

But its conclusion has left us with so many questions for Season 6, the most important one being: how on earth are we going to wait until October?

What did you think of Arrow's Season 5 finale? Let us know in the comments below!


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