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With the addition of a fourth program this fall, the show runners behind the CW's Arrowverse will be busier than ever. While the Legends of Tomorrow will take on the CW's most popular villains in the Legion of Doom, Supergirl will be joined by her cousin Superman, and Flash will have to deal with all kinds of f**kery sorting out Flashpoint.

Amidst all of this comic book-inspired chaos, Arrow will veer completely in the other direction, refreshingly stripping things back to basics for the Emerald Archer in Season 5. The move comes in a conscious bid to appease fans who felt that recent seasons delved too deep into the realm of magic, straying from the gritty, street-level heroics that made earlier episodes of Arrow great in the first place.

Watch Oliver 'Break The Rules' in the new Season 5 trailer below:

However, it turns out that when the show runners revealed that they wanted to take Arrow back to its darker roots, they really weren't kidding. In the latest trailer for Season 5, a frustrated Oliver Queen breaks all the rules, forcing his new recruits to literally spill blood, sweat and tears in their quest to become bona fide superheroes — and they're the lucky ones.

Oliver Will Show No More Mercy

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

The latest trailer has left fans all-a-quiver, thanks largely to the impressive choreography and extra glimpses of Team Arrow in action. But the promo also revealed that Oliver will once again kill criminals when the situation calls for it.

This is a huge turn around for the Green Arrow. After Oliver's best friend Tommy Merlyn died, Queen decided to show his opponents mercy in a bid to better himself and become the hero that Star City both needs and deserves.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

This moral shift is a huge focus of the new trailer. It's likely to become an integral part of Oliver's journey in Season 5, as he struggles both internally and with those he loves. Oliver's sister Thea acts as the voice of reason in the new promo, telling her brother that;

"Putting killing on the table is a huge step backwards. That's not what she would have wanted."

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Whether you agree with the Emerald Archer's new methods or not, it's hard to deny that the moment where Oliver sends a man plummeting to his death is the most exciting thing we've seen from Team Arrow in some time.

Why Will Oliver Revoke His No Kill Policy?

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

No explicit reasons have been given yet for Oliver's change of heart, but the death of his close ally, Laurel Lance, will have undoubtedly hardened the vigilante's outlook on life. When Thea tries to reason with her brother, arguing that Laurel wouldn't have wanted things to turn out this way, Oliver coldly replies;

It's also possible that the moment when Oliver killed Damien Darhk in the Season 4 finale helped send him down this dark spiral of murder. At the time, Oliver felt that there was no other way to save his city, but now that he's had a taste for blood once again, he may begin to convince himself that the only way to truly help others is to take out criminals once and for all.

Check out the moment when Oliver killed Damien Darhk below:

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Although one may argue that true heroes should never take a life, Oliver's cold-hearted approach to crime-fighting set him apart from other superheroes back in Season 1. Whether you like it or not, a return to merciless killing will add much-needed depth to Oliver's character in the aftermath of Team Arrow's disbandment. Maybe a murderous Green Arrow is the hero that Star City deserves after all.


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