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Season 5 of Arrow continued to hit the mark this week with the fifth episode, 'Human Target', tying together a number of ongoing threads before finally paving the way for Prometheus to start his reign of terror. Everything from Olicity and Mayor Handsome's success to Diggle's return was handled with the kind of finesse that we've now come to expect from Season 5, gripping us from the get-go.

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However, among all of the hypnotism and mayoral assassinations, there was a whole lot more going on that even diehard Arrowheads may have missed.

Easter Eggs

Aside from a brief mention of the ship Amazo, which appeared previously as a homage to the iconic DC robot that shares the same name, the only major comic book reference in this episode was given away by the title itself.

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

First appearing in Action Comics #419 (December 1979), Oliver's newfound friend, Christopher Chance, is the third man to name himself Human Target in DC Comics, following in the footsteps of Fred Venable and Detective Bruce Perry.

Arrow's take on the character also just so happens to be the third live-action adaptation of Human Target, following two of his own shows, which aired in 1992 and 2010 respectively. To take on the man who assumes different identities, The CW snatched away Will Traval, an actor more widely known from Marvel's Jessica Jones series on Netflix, where he played the villainous Nuke (Will Simpson).

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

The other new character who debuted this week was the assassin that Tobias Church hired to take out Oliver. While he was left unnamed on the show, a quick peek at the credits reveal that he was in fact called Scimitar.

In a featurette on 'Human Target', Executive Producer Wendy Mericle described Scimitar as "a big DC universe character,", yet there doesn't appear to be anyone in the DC Comics who goes by that name. The closest we found was an obscure Marvel villain who's fought both Iron Fist and the mutant team Excalibur in the past, but if anyone recognizes Scimitar from the DC universe, please let us know in the comments section below.

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Quotes That Hit The Mark

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Tobias Church giving a free introduction to Psych 101:

“It’s not fear that breaks people. It’s fear, fear of what that pain brings.”

Artemis begins to develop a personality, but only in the presence of random criminals:

“You’re cute too in a 'I feel sorry for you kinda way'.”

Felicity's saving her pennies this season:

“I would punch this monitor if I didn't know how much it cost.”

Team Arrow have only known Oliver for five minutes, but they nail it every time:

“Optimistic is not a word I would usually associate with his demeanor.”

Wild Dog couldn't talk straight either from the sounds of it:

“I was hurting so bad. It got that I couldn’t even see straight.”

Oliver asks the all-important questions in the clip below:

Always sound advice on a show called Arrow:

“Maybe you should just put an arrow in him.”

Thea once again channels exactly what the audience are thinking:

“Did you go out as the Green Arrow last night and get hit really hard in the head?”

Oliver casually encourages his sister to eat fatal substances:

“It turns out that if you ingest small amounts of poison over time, you develop an immunity.”

Mayor Handsome is getting a little bit too cocky, pre-assassination:

“I’m the Mayor of Star City, Thea. This is what I do.”

Russian mobster Anatoly continues to throw out sound life hacks:

“There is no problem a beautiful woman can’t fix.”

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Felicity freaks us out with a creepily spot-on impression of Oliver, plastic face and all:

“This is so weird... 'You have failed this city!'"

Human Target explains his job with far more gravitas than was ever required:

“I don’t just put on faces, Oliver. I become my target.”

Oliver himself openly mocks himself on the regular now and we love it:

“Oliver Queen has never really been my better half.”

Oh, we see what you did there, Wild Dog. We see what you did there:

“You were right. Fear of pain is what's worst. Are you afraid yet, bitch?”

It turns out that Tobias Church does have a superpower after all — stating the obvious:

“You got much worse coming and you don't even know it. He calls himself Prometheus and he’s going to end you.”

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

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Questions Raised By 'Human Target'

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]
  • Did anyone else have a slight geekgasm during the whole upside-down sequence at the beginning and when Ragman threw that thug into the camera?
  • Why does Wild Dog bother using guns when he's so good at kicking ass with a shovel?
  • Was Felicity the world's biggest hypocrite for lying to Malone or was that just me? OLICITY 4 LYFE!
  • Seriously, how many people know that Mayor Queen is the Green Arrow now?
  • When did Diggle train to be a hypnotist? That sure would've come in handy every single time that Team Arrow interrogated someone over the past five seasons!
  • Does anyone else sort of want Olicity to get back together now that the show's writers are back on track?
  • What happened to the bodyguards who were actually shot when Oliver faked his own death? I hope their widowed wives got a big fat pay check, at least.
  • Why didn't they refer to Scimitar by name? Maybe it's because they recycled Deathstroke's armour and didn't want to draw too much attention to it.
  • How did Tobias Church just casually shrug off an ARROW TO THE SHOULDER like that!?
  • Is anyone else happy to finally see Mayor Handsome stop being so shit at his job?
  • Didn't Oliver remember that Human Target also popped up in a coincidentally well-timed flashback five years earlier?
  • How did it take Arrow this long to finally make the flashbacks interesting and actually relevant to the modern-day plot?
  • Did anyone else wet themselves slightly when Prometheus finally proved how much of a bad bitch he is in the episode's final scene?

Find out if any of these questions will be answered in Episode 5, 'Human Target', by watching the preview below:

While we're sad to see the talented Chad Coleman join Glenn and Abraham in that big ol' Walking Dead pile of zombies up in the sky, it looks like next week's episode will up the ante yet again by pushing Prometheus to the fore. If Team Arrow thought they had it tough so far, they've seen nothing yet.


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