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Arrow isn't particularly great at keeping secrets. After all, who honestly thought that a hood and some green face-paint would keep Oliver Queen's identity as Green Arrow safe for long?

Well, 's flagship superhero show proved once again over the mid-season break that this is a concept Arrow struggles with. Instead of drawing out the big reveal, Arrow ruined the surprise in a trailer released over Christmas, revealing that Black Siren had 'secretly' taken Laurel's place.

Arrow [Credit: The CW]
Arrow [Credit: The CW]

Despite this clear misstep, Arrow's return to our screens this week fortunately featured a number of memorable moments that managed to keep up the positive momentum that Season 5 has built in recent months.

How Did Black Siren End Up Impersonating Laurel?

As we predicted, Prometheus freed Black Siren from her prison in Star Labs and brought her to Star City. Rather than use her to kill Oliver though, Prometheus decided it would be more fun to torture the using Siren's physical likeness to Laurel, playing with his mind.

Relive the moment when Oliver first discovered that 'Laurel had returned in the clip below:

Whether you feel that this plot line was rushed or not, it's hard to deny that 'Who Are You?' worked best when Team Arrow were forced to deal with the emotional fallout of this revelation. At the heart of the episode lay one particularly intimate scene between Oliver and the Earth-2 version of Laurel, where the two discussed why Black Siren first turned to villainy.

Why Is Black Siren Evil?

Arrow [Credit: The CW]
Arrow [Credit: The CW]

During their heart to heart, Laurel revealed that her version of Oliver Queen died during that fateful voyage on The Queen's Gambit. In the ten years that passed since, the Earth-2 version of Lance began to let the darkness in and once that began, she soon found herself unable to turn back, ultimately resorting to a life of crime.

While we already knew that Robert Queen had adopted The Hood persona on Earth-2, confirmation that Oliver has no living counterpart in Laurel's reality goes some way to explaining exactly why this alternate Lance turned out the way she did.

Before this, Black Siren's descent into villainy could have perhaps been explained away in a similar fashion to Killer Frost over on The Flash. After all, this version of Laurel is a meta-human, and we know now that the acquisition of these abilities can sometimes affect one's sanity. Alternatively, there was also the possibility that Black Siren was simply a bad person, turning to a life of crime for the sheer hell of it.

Could Black Siren Ever Become A Hero?

Arrow [Credit: The CW]
Arrow [Credit: The CW]

However, now that we know Black Siren's origins are born of tragedy, is there a chance that Earth-2's Laurel could redeem herself, and perhaps even join Team Arrow as a new version of the Black Canary?

While Felicity remained rather sceptical that Black Siren could be reached in this way, Oliver continued to hold onto the possibility that this version of Laurel could be saved. The episode ended with little hope in that regard, even introducing a new character who's clearly being set up as a new Black Canary — but that doesn't mean we've seen the last of Black Siren.

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Now that Earth-2 Laurel is stranded in our version of the , there's huge scope for the character to be developed across multiple episodes, and even multiple shows, which means that the legacy of the Black Canary may be kept in the Lance family after all. It's either that or throw Detective Lance in some fishnet stockings and we can guarantee that no one wants to see that across any of the Earth's in the multiverse.


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