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Disclaimer: Spoilers for Arrow below. Continue at your own risk!

It's official — for the first time since Season 2, Arrow is great again! The show has gone back to its roots, and fans everywhere couldn't be happier. This season, we've witnessed Oliver become the hero we know he can be, and the writers have reconfigured the show back to the gritty, street-level crime drama that we all fell in love with. The most recent episode, "What We Leave Behind", saw the convergence of several character's story lines in an extremely satisfying way.

Watch the promo for "Those We Leave Behind":

Prometheus's plan began to unravel tonight, and he is determined to destroy everything in Oliver Queen's life. Team Arrow learned of Artemis' betrayal — though it only served to show Oliver that Prometheus is always one step ahead of him. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Oliver was tricked into killing Felicity's Boyfriend, Billy. There was an abundance of rich story packed into this episode, building up to one final, monumental twist. But don't take my word for it — Arrow fans took to Twitter in droves, to express their shock and admiration for what was surely the best Arrow episode we've seen in years.

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A Return To Glory

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

It's a rare that a show can fight its way from a run of bad reviews and lackluster seasons, and win back the trust of its fans. Yet Arrow has done just that, and fans could not be happier. Twitter was ablaze with praise for the show and the wonderful mid-season finale. The following were the best tweets that sum up everyone's overall feelings towards this episode — and for the great season of Arrow so far:

There were literally hundreds of more tweets with the same sentiment. It's great to see Arrow's return to glory, and that the fans are still willing support the show after two critically panned seasons. Indeed, the main complaint among fans was only because the show will not be coming back until late January:

The Death Of Felicity's Billy Boo

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

fans were heartbroken when Oliver and Felicity ended their relationship, breaking up the most divisive pairing in Arrowverse history. Felicity moved on, and started dating Billy, a SCPD officer with a heart of gold. Long-time Arrow fans worth their salt knew that Billy would likely turn out to be a villain, or a pawn in a bigger game. Poor Billy turned out to be the latter, and fans poured out their emotions all over :

Some people didn't care much for Billy, but they did feel bad for . Nevertheless, fans didn't have a chance to get to know Billy, and his death meant very little to some fans:

The Return Of Dinah Laurel Lance

After all of the heartbreak of this episode, headed back to the "Arrow Cave" — where a certain someone was waiting for him. The woman is facing away from camera for a bit, then turns to reveal that she is Laurel Lance. This appearance raises hundreds of questions, and there are hundreds of possible ways to explain Laurel's timely return. She could be from another Earth, a hallucination, or a robot in disguise for all we know.

Watch the the twist ending from the Arrow Mid-season Finale:

What we do know is that fans had a varied range of responses to Laurel's return to Arrow. Some were elated, while other's were extremely confused. The can be a tricky place when it comes to death. People can come back in multiple ways, but one thing remains the same: anything and everything is possible on our favorite CW shows. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what fans on Twitter had to say about Laurels return:

Whether it was because they loved the comic book Black Canary or because they were Katie Cassidy enthusiasts, many fans were devastated by Laurel's death last season. Whatever the case may be, it's safe to say that these people are the same ones who were elated at her return:

Final Thoughts

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

There is not much more to be said — my fellow fans have truly said it all. Arrow is back baby, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Prometheus is one of the most savage villains that the has ever seen, and we've only seen a fraction of what his master plan is. We also have no idea why Laurel is back from the dead. We will just have to keep watching Arrow to see how the story unfolds. Arrow will return at the end of January — until then, make sure you're all caught up on season 5!

Sound off! What was your favorite part of the Arrow mid-season finale? Let it be known in the comments section below!


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