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Who would have ever predicted last year that would be one of the strongest superhero shows on The CW this fall? We're now four episodes into Season 5 of Arrow and week by week, the show continues to deliver on the promise of that astounding premiere, hitting the mark far more consistently than the likes of The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

This week, the main narrative focused on Oliver's plan to break Diggle out of prison. However, as we all knew that was anything but Mission Impossible, the best moments in Penance came from Team Arrow's first foray into crime-fighting without the Green Arrow watching over them. In particular, Felicity and Rory's touching exchange over the tragedy at Haven Rock remains one of the most powerful moments seen across the Arrowverse this season and we look forward to seeing the pairs relationship develop further.

Here's a breakdown of each new cast member, which will bring you up to speedy:

However, among all the prison breaks and those surprisingly awesome rags, there was a whole lot more going on that even diehard Arrowheads may have missed.

Easter Eggs

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

While it was gratifying to hear Artemis and Mr Terrific finally referred to by their codenames, we were more excited by the mention of Kord Industries, a tech company that refers explicitly to Ted Kord, otherwise known as the superhero Blue Beetle in the comics.

Kord Industries has been referred to regularly since Season 2, but this is our first glimpse of the company in a while, reminding us once again how awesome it would be if Blue Beetle somehow made an appearance later down the line. The tech genius doesn't possess any special abilities and uses his intellect to fight crime instead, which means that he would fit well into this particular corner of the Arrowverse. If all else fails though, we hold out hope that he may one day appear alongside his best friend Booster Gold in a feature film, if the rumors are to be believed.

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

Speaking of tech companies, Amertek also returns briefly this week with the revelation that Tobias Church stole RPGs from them. That in itself isn't particularly significant — but when you bear in mind that the company's most famous weapon in the comics was the Toastmater, a RPG designed by none other than John Henry Irons (Steel), it suddenly becomes worth a mention.

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Remember that time Felicity worked in a computer hardware store way back in Season 3? Tech Village receives a brief mention here, as well as Palmer Tech, Ray's (The Atom) company that Felicity subsequently took over in his absence.

Another nice touch was the gout excuse that Thea uses to explain Oliver's absence, which hearkens back to all of the terrible excuses that the Green Arrow used to make back in Season 1. Finally, we discover that Diggle's cell number is 1138, a cheeky nod to the feature film THX 1138, which also includes a jail break where no one wants to leave.

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Quotes That Hit The Mark

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Understatement of the year regarding Team Arrow:

“They’re rough around the edges, but they’re making progress.”

What everyone's said about Felicity since Season 4:

“Is she going to be a problem?"

Oliver finally wises up:

“I should probably just start pre-recording apologies for being late.”

Not sure if Adrian Chase, the man otherwise known as Vigilante in the comics, is being genuine here or just taking the piss:

“Vigilantes are a superficial solution.”

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Oliver doesn't ask for much:

“I’m not going to be gone long. Just please make sure no one destroys the city while I’m away.”

Felicity takes another shot at winning 'Understatement of the Year':

“There’s not a lot I can say that would make him feel ok about his entire family being killed.”

You've gotta give Oliver that at least:

“If you were thinking about lying, I admire your consistency.”

No one wants to call you Wild Dog, Rene:

“You’re going to break into a military prison and you’ve got the nerve to call me Wild Dog?”

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Oliver doesn't take orders well, especially from amateurs:

“I’m sorry. Did you say you’re not going to let me?!”

It's nice to see someone taking pride in their work like Tobias Church does here:

“Load 'em up and burn this puppy down.”

Felicity should really have thought her plan to stop Oliver through a bit more:

“I didn’t think he’d actually hit you guys.”

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

They really weren’t kidding when they said legacy would be a thing this season.

“That’s a big legacy to live up to.”

Felicity has real talk with Rory regarding the disaster at Haven Rock:

“We just both want the same thing, to be able to live with what has happened, so we can move forward.”

Hard to believe that this murderous flashback Oliver is now Mayor of Star City, but that's politics for ya!:

“Someone’s going to die, It could be Kovar, it could be your wife, it could be your child. I need you to choose quickly.”

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Tobias Church has his classic Bond villain moment:

“I probably should just shoot you, but you’ve earned a little suffering.”

Looks like Wild Dog is in for a whole world of pain:

“Don’t kill him. He may have his uses.”

Adrian Chase begins to tease us about his Vigilante identity in the comics... JUST PUT A MASK ON ALREADY:

“I spent most of my life thinking that men in masks are only capable of doing horrible things. I may need to reevaluate that.”

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Questions Raised By 'Penance'

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]
  • Did anyone else cringe a bit when the new recruits genuinely thought they would last more than three seconds against the Green Arrow?
  • Was anyone surprised by Wild Dog acting recklessly AGAIN?
  • Anyone else praying to see Ted Kord eventually appear as the Blue Beetle?
  • Is Adrian Chase already the Vigilante, or will he adopt this persona later down the line? Such a hero tease!
  • Does Artemis have a personality, or was she just mind-wiped between seasons?
  • All jokes aside, where is Prometheus? Laziest Big Bad ever.
  • Shouldn't prison guards check the laundry for escaped convicts?
  • How long does it take Curtis to put his hair into corn rows EVERY time he fights crime?
  • And how cool was it when Ragman contained the explosion, reminding us once again how shit the other vigilantes are by comparison?

Find out if any of these questions will be answered in Episode 4, 'Penance', by watching the preview below:

While Felicity's and Rory's shared guilt was the most interesting aspect of Penance this week, there were a number of other highlights including that fancy plane escape, the prison parallels in the flashbacks and basically everything that Ragman does. We can't wait to see how Arrow will continue to up the ante even further in the coming weeks, leading up to the 4 way crossover.


What did you think of Penance?


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