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Chad L. Coleman's character on The Walking Dead met a grisly end in Season 5. But if his first appearance on Season 5 of Arrow is anything to go by, the actor isn't ready to let go of Tyrese just yet!

In the first episode, titled 'Legacy', Tobias Church (played by Coleman) begins to unite Star City's various criminal elements in an bid to take down the Green Arrow once and for all. To lure Oliver out into the open, Church takes hostages that he torments first with physical violence.

Check out this clip of Oliver competing against other famous archers below:

So far, that's pretty standard. After all, the criminal otherwise known as Charon hasn't done anything particularly unusual up to this point that sets him apart from other Arrow villains from past seasons. However, that all changes when Church decides to start playing a morbid child's game with his baseball bat in tow.

Duck, Duck, Goose!

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Instead of randomly selecting his victims, Church decided to choose who should die first using the game 'duck, duck, goose', moving around the circle as he tapped each hostage on the head with his bat. After finally making his decision, Church raises the bat to strike his victim across the back of the head, but fortunately, Oliver and the police manage to stop the attack before anyone dies.

Sounds familiar right? Coleman's previous show, The Walking Dead, infamously ended Season 6 with an incredibly similar moment, depicting a new villain called Negan decide which one of Rick's survivors to kill via 'eeny, meeny, miny, mo'. The two scenes play out almost identically — although Arrow's sequence is far shorter.

After all, both villains are new to each show, both tie their opponents up, both play child's counting game to select their victim and both use a baseball bat to commit the deed. Short of naming Church's weapon Lucille, the two scenes share far too many similarities.

Check out Negan's scene in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale to compare it with Arrow:

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Is now the time we should start generating fan theories regarding a potential Arrow/The Walking Dead crossover? Of course not, but it's exciting that amidst all of the numerous references that Arrow makes to both the original comics and the Arrowverse at large, the CW show runners found time to pay homage to one of Coleman's signature roles.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Saying that though, we would sell everything we own just to see Carol kick some ass alongside the Green Arrow. Remember that time she killed that little girl called Lizzie in cold blood? That lady's got some balls on her.


Do you think Arrow deliberately paid homage to The Walking Dead in the Season 5 premiere?


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