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Warning: This article contains potential spoilers from Arrow Season 5 Episode 5 "Human Target."

We still don't know very much about Arrow's new big bad, Prometheus. However, there is one thing we can be certain of — he wants the Green Arrow to himself. Not only does he dress in a remotely similar attire, he also seems to be a skilled archer and scarily good swordsman who has no problem taking out any allies of the Emerald Archer, especially members of Oliver Queen's Anti-Crime Unit.

However, he's not so friendly towards the Green Arrow's enemies either, remember he didn't take too kindly to the hero's near-death experience at the hands of Tobias Church, and warned Star City's newest kingpin to stay away from the Green Arrow. With this in mind, I have a feeling that the fearless crime-lord will meet his match —and perhaps end — at the hands of the Prometheus.

Church Knows That Oliver Queen Is The Green Arrow

The trailer for the upcoming episode reveals a beaten Wild Dog informing the Green Arrow that "he knows you're Oliver Queen!" And if this is the case, and Tobias Church does indeed know Ollie's secret, then it's virtually impossible for Church to make it out of Star City alive. Why? Only an elite group of people know Oliver's true identity and none of them are corrupt crime bosses. So with information that deadly, either Church will be convinced otherwise about Green Arrow's true identity or somebody will take him out.

See Wild Dog's revelation in the trailer for "Human Target" below:

If Church were to expose the Green Arrow's true identity to the people of Star City, you can rest assured that a very large number of foes would hunt down Oliver Queen to get revenge for his heroic activities. And if there's a bounty on Queen's head, Prometheus won't be able to keep the Green Arrow to himself then will he?

So there's a very strong possibility that Prometheus will execute Church in order to protect Oliver's secret and keep the Green Arrow for himself.

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He Didn't Heed The Warning

Who could ever forget when Church was easily overpowered by Prometheus and warned to stay away from the Green Arrow? Although Church initially seemed to comply with the mysterious avenger's demands, it soon became apparent that he had his own agenda, as he chose not to Green Arrow's ally Wild Dog and instead kidnapped him, claiming he could have "uses" for him. And we find out this week that he apparently tortures Wild Dog into confessing the Green Arrow's true identity.

Prometheus warned Tobias Church to stay away from the Green Arrow.
Prometheus warned Tobias Church to stay away from the Green Arrow.

And from the trailer, it appears that he hires the Human Target, not to target the Green Arrow, but to target Oliver Queen. Obviously Church seemingly concludes that it would be clever to target the hero when he's at his most vulnerable and least suspecting, but also by targeting Mayor Oliver Queen, Prometheus won't come for him.

But from what we've heard, Prometheus and the Green Arrow have a mysterious history, so chances are that the terrifying archer will also know that Green Arrow is really Oliver Queen. Thus, he won't be swayed by Church's clever tactics and probably won't be very happy with Church's attempt to pull the wool over his eyes.

Church informs the Human Target that he wants him to take out the Mayor. (via The CW)
Church informs the Human Target that he wants him to take out the Mayor. (via The CW)

And once news of Oliver Queen's potentially fatal injury — or apparent injury — gets back to Prometheus, I think it's safe to say that he will have absolutely no problem executing the crime boss for ignoring his warning. Prometheus didn't have to issue a warning to Church, he could have just taken him out in one fell swoop just like he did with the ACU officer in the Season 5 premiere.

But the fact of the matter is that Prometheus gave Tobias Church a chance to back off — perhaps out of courtesy for his fellow Star City bad guy — but the kingpin of crime didn't heed the warning and is still meddling in the Green Arrow's affairs. And while Church is without a doubt one of the most intimidating presences we have ever seen on the streets of Star City, he won't even see Prometheus coming.

Chad L. Coleman Is A Guest Star

Walking Dead alumni Chad L. Coleman who portrays Church is credited as a guest star on each episode of Arrow he appears on. And while it's awesome seeing his name on the credits, the fact of the matter is that he has been prominently featured in almost every single episode so far. If he were to continually appear at this level, shouldn't he be billed as a series regular?

Chad L. Coleman is best known for his role of Tyrese on 'The Walking Dead'
Chad L. Coleman is best known for his role of Tyrese on 'The Walking Dead'

With that, the increasing threat he poses to our new #superheroes and the timing of his discovery, I think it's looking like Church won't be a Star City regular for much longer.

Tobias Church has uncovered a deadly secret — the true identity of the Green Arrow. And I have no doubt that he will use that secret in an attempt to take out his major competition in the fight for Star City's soul. However, unknowing to him, this information makes him a target for a threat even greater. And that threat is none other than Prometheus. The mysterious archer will have no problem taking out the man who already warned if he continues to bother the Green Arrow. And based on this week's upcoming episode, it's looking like that's exactly what we're going to see happen!

Is Prometheus on the hunt for Tobias Church? (via The CW)
Is Prometheus on the hunt for Tobias Church? (via The CW)

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