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Stephen Amell himself has openly criticized Season 4 of Arrow, echoing fan sentiments that denounced the show for its descent into supernatural shenanigans. However, like the Lazarus Pit itself, Arrow did one remarkable thing during this run: it resurrected the character of John , whose own show was unfortunately canceled after just one season.

Ever since Matt Ryan brought the potty-mouthed, bisexual chain-smoker back to life, Arrowverse fans have sacrificed a whole farm's worth of animals in hope that the gods of The CW would bring Constantine back. Now that we're approaching the mid-season finale of 's fifth season, it looks like our prayers may have finally been answered.

Constantine [NBC]
Constantine [NBC]

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim hinted at the return of Constantine this week when he tweeted out the title of Episode 13, "Spectre of the Gun."

On first glance, this rather innocuous tweet doesn't reveal too much about potential crossover plans, but the word 'Spectre' may ring a bell for diehard fans of Constantine and the DC universe at large.

Spectre [DC Comics]
Spectre [DC Comics]

In the comics, The Spectre is DC's Spirit of Vengeance; an incredibly powerful character whose human alter-ego, Jim Corrigan, appeared on Constantine as a detective. While The Spectre himself didn't fully appear, the show runners behind Constantine clearly had plans to take Corrigan's character in this direction. During the episode 'Danse Vaudou', a vision revealed that Jim would one day become possessed by a green light, representing a clear nod to his future as The Spectre.

Constantine [NBC]
Constantine [NBC]

Unfortunately, Constantine was canceled before his character could be developed further — but this new episode title certainly suggests that Emmett J. Scanlan's Jim Corrigan could make his debut on Arrow this season. After all, a Spectre spin-off was in development at one stage, and we already know for a fact that the world of Constantine exists within the Arrowverse.

One could argue that the show runners behind Season 5 of Arrow have openly stated that they're keen to move away from the supernatural, but new recruit Ragman proves that they're not entirely adverse to the idea, and let's face it; This isn't even the first time that The CW have suggested that this could be a possibility...

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Matt Ryan already cast a spell over us once in Season 4 of Arrow, and if the Spectre really is set to appear soon, then John Constantine can't be far behind. Of course, there's also the possibility that the title could simply be a homage of sorts to Star Trek, which also aired an episode called 'Spectre of the Gun' back in the '60s. We'd rather hold out hope that a small screen version of Justice League Dark is looming on The CW, but only time will tell who's right.


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