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Warning: This article contains major spoilers of Arrow Season 5. Prepare yourselves, this is one loud theory.

When you introduce a beloved comic book character into series about , you better be sure that you do them justice. Unfortunately for Arrow, many believe it failed at that by killing the Black Canary last season. The decision caused a great deal of backlash that the show is still finding it hard to recover from. But when it finally seemed like they would put things right this season, we now suddenly find ourselves faced with the possibility of a new Black Canary.

When Tina Boland made her debut in Arrow's controversial mid-season premiere, the show found itself facing more criticism — understandably so, as a new Black Canary was something that nobody wanted to see. However, Marc Guggenheim recently confirmed that they intend to reveal Tina "to be somebody very much connected to the comics".

So, perhaps we're judging things far too soon. Perhaps Tina's connection to the comics might stem deeper than her supposed Black Canary arc. After all, the show wouldn't really disrespect the legendary Dinah Laurel Lance — the real Black Canary — like that, right? As Tina herself seems quite badass, we shouldn't be too hasty to judge, because there's a strong chance that Tina Boland might just be another iconic comic book character.

Could Tina Be Earth-1's Silver Banshee?

Silver Banshee already made her debut on last year during the show's crossover with The Flash, where she was portrayed by Italia Ricci. However, thanks to the "Invasion!" crossover, we have now established that Supergirl takes place on Earth-38, while the shows take place on Earth-1.

Italia Ricci as Silver Banshee on "Supergirl." [Credit: CBS/The CW]
Italia Ricci as Silver Banshee on "Supergirl." [Credit: CBS/The CW]

Normally, the doppelgängers of Earth-1 characters look exactly alike — as we have seen with Barry Allen, Iris West, Laurel Lance, Cisco, Caitlin and so many more of the Arrow-verse regulars, so it's understandable to think that Italia Ricci should return as Earth-1's version of Siobhan Smythe. However, there is a loophole to that rule — Tina could take up the mantle of Silver Banshee on Earth-1 without ever having to be Siobhan's doppelgänger. Remember, on Earth-2 it is Robert Queen who dons the green hood and becomes the Green Arrow as opposed his son Oliver on Earth-1. Thus, it's possible that Tina may just be taking up the mantle of Silver Banshee.

So could Tina be Earth-1's iteration of Silver Banshee? Looking at the evidence, I must say there is actually quite a strong case for this to be true. After all, there are some striking similarities between the two.

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Tina Has A Cry — Or Is It A Shriek?

As Arrow was perfectly metahuman-free for its first two seasons, Laurel Lance was very much human. And although the world around them changed, Laurel remained the same. The show had opted to keep her grounded in the real world she began in, and thus she became the Black Canary through training, fighting hard to become who she truly was. She then got a sonic collar from Cisco which allowed her to do the Canary Cry. While her Earth-2 doppelgänger Black Siren has a metahuman Cry much like the comics, the show's Black Canary did not.

Laurel's Black Canary and Tina Boland. [Credit: The CW]
Laurel's Black Canary and Tina Boland. [Credit: The CW]

However, now that Laurel is gone and the show is looking for a new Black Canary, their new candidate Tina has a metahuman-induced cry. Now, I get that Team Arrow is trying to honor Laurel's legacy by finding a successor to the Black Canary mantle, but giving a metahuman-like cry to a stranger while denying the comic book character her deserved gift is nothing short of disrespect.

But, there is a remedy to this issue — Tina doesn't become a Canary. In the comics, Black Canary isn't the only character to have a shrill high-pitched scream. The other is, of course, Silver Banshee.

Silver Banshee's shriek caused some damage on 'Supergirl'.
Silver Banshee's shriek caused some damage on 'Supergirl'.

Judging from the trailer of the upcoming episode, it looks like Tina's "cry" effects are similar to the visual effects used on Supergirl for Silver Banshee. Both "cry"s have the ability to deafen anyone in the vicinity — not to mention send them flying away. Thus, it's possible that Tina might turn out to be an alternate version of the shrieking villain instead of becoming the next Black Canary. After all, she does seem pretty reluctant to join the team.

There's Still Hope For Black Siren

While Tina may have debuted in the mid-season premiere, she wasn't the only metahuman screamer that showed up on screen. Laurel Lance's evil Earth-2 doppelgänger Black Siren arrived in Star City, leaving destruction in her wake.

The next Canary?: Black Siren possesses the Canary Cry, and would be a fitting Canary.
The next Canary?: Black Siren possesses the Canary Cry, and would be a fitting Canary.

As she reminded him of his fallen former love, Oliver Queen constantly tried to save her from the darkness. Although he ultimately failed as Siren remained a villain, he didn't lose hope. And instead of sending her back to S.T.A.R. Labs' metahuman prison, he moved her to a secure ARGUS facility to "keep her close" just in case there's a chance. So all hope is not lost for Black Siren becoming the next Black Canary. While it's clearly the logical option as it would please fans and allow Katie Cassidy to remain on the show, it would make Tina irrelevant. That is unless, she isn't supposed to become the Black Canary.

Perhaps I'm overthinking it, but it just seems a little too rushed. And Guggenheim's comments about Tina's link to the comic books just makes the Black Canary ties seem too obvious. If they really intended on Tina becoming the next Black Canary, why would they leave the door open for Black Siren? And why would they have two characters with identical abilities competing for the one role? Thus, perhaps the creative team have something else planned for Tina. And that just might involve another comic-book character with a "cry".

Is Tina actually the Earth-1 equivalent of Silver Banshee? [Credit: The CW/CBS]
Is Tina actually the Earth-1 equivalent of Silver Banshee? [Credit: The CW/CBS]

We may have been introduced to Arrow's newest vigilante in the mid-season premiere, but it's her potential role that has us all confused. Tina Boland possesses a Canary Cry-like ability and according to Marc Guggenheim, she is very much connected to the comics. Thus, many fans have been quick to voice their outrage at the show's clear attempt to force her as the next Black Canary, when that role belongs to Laurel Lance.

However, there happens to be another iconic comic book character with a similar ability — Silver Banshee. While the Banshee did appear on Supergirl, that was on Earth-38 and we have yet to see her show up on Earth-1. The multiverse is a very large place, and there just might be room for more than one Silver Banshee. Thus, based on that, Guggenheim's comments, the overall rushed feel of the arc, and Black Siren's presence, there is a strong possibility that Black Canary really isn't Tina's destiny. The show has been known to throw a curveball every once in a while, and this just might be the latest. Perhaps Tina doesn't cry like a canary after all — she might just scream like a Banshee instead.

Do you think Tina could be Earth-1's answer to Silver Banshee? Let us know in the comments below!

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