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Oliver's a killer again in Season 5 of Arrow, and quite frankly, he couldn't have picked a better time to drop the mercy act. Sure, the Emerald Archer's decision to murder his opponents stems from a dark place of grief and anger, but he's going to need to pull out all the stops if he's going to survive the onslaught of villains descending upon Star City in Season 5, including Tobias Church and the enigmatic Prometheus.

First glimpsed at the end of the Season 5 premiere, Prometheus ominously descends in the final scene of the episode, murdering a cop in cold blood before declaring that he's not the Green Arrow. It's clear that we're looking at the big bad of Season 5 here, despite Church receiving more screen time so far. Currently, very little is known about the character, who I affectionately like to refer to as 'Reverse Arrow'.

How would Prometheus fare in this archery competition?:

Executive producer Wendy Mericle revealed to IGN some time ago that;

"[He's] not going to have magic, no powers. He has a very personal grudge and axe to grind with Oliver and he's going to come at him in a really interesting, sociopathic kind of way."

This 'personal grudge' and Season 5's emphasis on the show's legacy has sprouted a huge number of fan theories regarding the identity of Prometheus. While there's a number of people who could potentially be hiding under that mask, our money's on Zoom... or you know, one of these far more viable options.

Tommy Merlyn

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Prometheus's personal connection to Oliver has led many to believe that his deceased best friend Tommy Merlyn is the new villain terrorising Star City.

Yes, we're fully aware of how problematic that sentence is, but with both Flashpoint and the Lazarus Pit in play, there's certainly a chance that Oliver's former bestie could be out to punish the Green Arrow for failing to save him in the Season 1 finale. Those Lazarus Pits sure aren't kind to one's mental state either, so perhaps Tommy is simply a crazed, bloodthirsty husk of a man, hellbent on killing Oliver.

All we have to do now is figure out how actor Colin Donnell could find time to film Arrow in between seasons of Chicago Med, his new show.

Robert Queen

Speaking of unlikely resurrections, another casualty from Season 1 could secretly be Prometheus — and this guy's actually been confirmed to return in Season 5. That's right, Oliver's father, Robert Queen, appeared in this table read photo for Episode 100, driving fans crazy with theories surrounding his apparent return from the dead.

However, just because this picture involves Episode 100, there's nothing saying that he couldn't appear in earlier episodes either. Perhaps a version of Robert Queen from an alternate Earth could be unveiled as Prometheus in the milestone episode.

Slade Wilson — Deathstroke

Fan-favorite villain Slade Wilson has also been confirmed to reappear in Episode 100, but we don't know what exact role he'll play yet. While flashbacks to Season 2 are likely, there's also a chance that Deathstroke could have returned already in the guise of Prometheus. After all, the enigmatic new villain certainly shares Slade's impressive fighting abilities, and Deathstroke's hatred for Ollie is almost unparalleled in the Arrowverse.

We're not sure why Deathstroke would bother to disguise himself though — unless he was deliberately playing mind games with the new mayor of Star City. The very fact that Slade's actually alive in the Arrowverse still makes him one of the most likely candidates!

Isabel Rochev — Ravager

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Speaking of Deathstroke, his former partner, Isabel Rochev, also has an axe to grind against Oliver after the two fought in Season 2. Oh, and did we mention that she used to have a sexual relationship with both Oliver and his father before he found out her true identity? Isabel is yet another candidate on this list who's currently lying six feet under, but death hasn't stopped a host of other Arrow characters from returning in the past, so she's still a contender.

Detective Malone

[Via CBS]
[Via CBS]

While we know next to nothing about Detective Malone so far, other than that he'll play an important role in the Star City police force, we do know that he's now dating Felicity after she broke up with Oliver. This alone warrants suspicion, as it's highly unlikely that the show runners will match Felicity with someone we're supposed to root for against Oliver. It's also somewhat suspicious that Malone's debut on the show occurs back to back with the first appearance of Prometheus as he kills a police officer. Did Malone use his inside knowledge to get a drop on the guy?


[Via CW]
[Via CW]

No one holds grudges like a jilted lover who was shot in the head after their former bae saved another girl instead of them, which means that Shado has all the motivation she needs to take revenge on Oliver. Just in case you're wondering: yes, Shado is also dead, but her impressive archery skills do match rather nicely with Prometheus's own fighting style.

The Huntress

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

It's always struck us as strange that Helena Bertinelli is never mentioned anymore, despite her playing a huge role in the first few seasons as the Huntress. Now that Oliver's training a new set of recruits, Helena may feel a spark of jealousy upon her release from prison, eager to seek revenge on those who imprisoned her in the first place. The Huntress certainly has the skill set to disguise herself as Prometheus, and her own origins on the show would tie in nicely with the legacy of new additions such as Artemis and Wild Dog.

Oliver's Son

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

What if Oliver didn't just create Prometheus through his actions in an earlier season, but instead, literally created him after partaking in a bit of the old heave-ho? We've already seen Ollie father an illegitimate son in the form of William, but unless he's been aged through some Legends of Tomorrow time-travel shenanigans, it's unlikely to be him. Saying that though, stranger things have happened in the Arrowverse.

Check out this heartbreaking scene where Oliver sends a message to his son below:

Some Random From Season 1

Errr, what!? [Via CW]
Errr, what!? [Via CW]

Finally, there's a huge chance that we've been led on a merry old goose chase and it'll turn out that Prometheus is just some random criminal from the first season, who has ties to one of Oliver's victims from his little black book. That would be hugely disappointing and we have more faith in the Arrow show runners than that, but misdirects are commonplace in the Arrowverse.

See also:

Whatever happens, we're just hoping that the big Prometheus reveal prompts more of an "Oh my god, it's Harrison Wells!" vibe than a "Oh, it's Jay Garrick, sorta" kind of response. One can only hope.


Who do you think Prometheus is?

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