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Warning: Spoilers for Arrow Season 5.

had an amazing mid-season finale Tuesday night and was easily one of the best episodes of the season. Last night, had its time to shine and honestly, while The Flash's winter finale was "larger," I was more impressed with Arrow tonight. What I would label one of, if not the best episode of the season, "What We Leave Behind" featured fantastic stunt choreography that was some of the best we've seen on the show. This episode also featured an exceptional story that was an amazing experience for the viewer as the writing led you to think one thing and then another two minutes later.

To top it off, I truly believe tonight's episode was one of the best endings I have ever watched on Arrow. Not only did we get an amazing cliffhanger, but in the last couple of minutes of the episode, we see Prometheus' statement relating to the fact that Oliver messes up everyone's lives come true and Oliver begins to realize that Prometheus isn't exactly wrong per-say — which was marvelous!

All in all, last night's episode was a real treat and it was one of the best mid-season finales Arrow has given us in a long time. One of the best parts about the episode is that they didn't do what The Flash did and tie up all loose ends but the episode left a lot of questions lingering for fans of the show to talk about over the holiday break. Let's talk a few of the biggest:

5. How Will The Green Arrow Deal With His Victims From Here On Out?

Oliver has gone through an abounding amount of different morals he has with dealing with criminals. Despite falling off the wagon in the Season 5 premiere, Oliver has not killed bad guys but rather turned them in to the police to be locked up. In this episode, he was convinced by many characters to end Prometheus' life rather than seeing his chaos run on any longer. Little does Oliver know is that Prometheus is one step ahead and is expecting Oliver to attempt to kill him and this is the flaw he has with his methods trying to save his city. In the end, Oliver ends up shooting Felicity's boyfriend three times in the chest... I guess he's still not over it! On a serious note, this was a wake-up call for Oliver.

We all know that Oliver will always blame himself for everything, even if it isn't his fault. He is going to be dealing with the grief of killing Billy and the fact that he could've avoided it if he didn't try to kill Prometheus and end up proving him wrong. The Green Arrow could potentially end up treating his enemies less harshly. I am very intrigued to see how Oliver's grief will be dealt with when the show returns in January and how he will use his experiences to improve himself as a superhero.

4. Is Evelyn Sharp Going To Betray Prometheus?

Episode 7 revealed that Evelyn has recently began working with Prometheus behind Team Arrow's back. This was a huge twist considering how big of a character Artemis is in DC lore. However, when looking solely at the show, Evelyn wasn't exactly on Oliver's side at first and she also was really irritated at the fact that Oliver was once a vigilante who killed his victims instead of sparing their lives. The winter finale revealed where her true loyalty lies and after that we didn't see or hear from her again.

Evelyn will definitely be a key player in the back-half of the season as her fallout from the team will have a big effect on Oliver and the rest of the team moving forward. Realistically, it is likely that Evelyn Sharp eventually realizes that what Prometheus is planning is far more dangerous than what the Hood ever did and that is more important for her to put her grudges aside and double-cross the star-throwing killer. She will probably pull an Oliver from Season 3 with Ra's Ah Ghul and pretend that she is still evil but in the end, will assist Team Arrow in defeating Prometheus in a big battle scene.

3. What Is The Condition Of Team Arrow?

Prometheus' goal was to destroy the lives of every person on Team Arrow with the ultimate goal to destroy Oliver Queen's life, similar to Deathstroke's goal back in Season 2. However, unlike the terrifying mercenary, Prometheus has already become extremely successful. He already destroyed Quentin's life and moved him out of the picture a couple of episodes ago. Now in the mid-season finale, we see Prometheus destroy the lives of multiple Team Arrow members.

First off, Prometheus beat the living hell out of Curtis right in front of his husband and he/she knew that Curtis would show off his fighting skills to defend himself and his husband. Now, an injured Curtis has to make a huge decision: To leave Team Arrow or his husband. Either way, Prometheus wins because Mister Terrific will be heartbroken no matter the outcome.

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Next, we see Felicity's boyfriend killed not by Prometheus but Oliver himself. We have all learned from the soapy past two seasons that Felicity's emotions really get to her and end up distracting her work on the team. Believe it or not, Felicity is one of Team Arrow's most important players and without her, they would be at a terrible disadvantage.

Lastly, Prometheus devised a plan to lure Diggle into a trap where he is going to be re-captured by the police and brought back to prison. We have to remember that Diggle is still a fugitive and it is safe to say it will be a lot more difficult for the Green Arrow to break Diggle out of prison now. We will have to see what Prometheus has planned for the rest of Team Arrow after the break.

2. Who Is Really Prometheus?

The mid-season finale of Arrow made it seem like Prometheus is an unknown character that we never met before: The son of Justin Claybourne, who was the owner of a pharmaceutical company that was on the list that Oliver hunted down and killed when he was the Hood. I believe this list is relevant — to an extent.

The evidence has stacked up and it's all leading towards Oliver's new lady friend, Susan Williams. A lot of people have been rejecting this theory for the sole reason that she's a woman. I don't believe that this should be a deciding factor because Susan could easily use a voice changer like many superhero villains have used in the past.

The costume is very armored and it is hard to identify whether or not there is a male or female in the costume. From Susan William's absence on Prometheus' hit list to the Russian vodka, there was a variety of hints that have really made it clear that Susan Williams is Prometheus. This is not the first time the show has tricked us into believing Prometheus is one character and it isn't the last.

1. How Did Laurel Return?!?

We discussed the possibility for a while and now it has happened: Laurel Lance has returned on Arrow — and fans are going berserk! We have absolutely no idea how Laurel has returned from the dead but she was standing there in plain sight. Many people have speculated that Susan Williams has drugged Oliver's drink that she gave to him the previous night yet I don't believe that is the case.

The possibilities of how Laurel Lance is returning to Arrow are endless. Let's remember that Katie Cassidy has been cast as a series regular across all four TV shows. Given that, I'm not sure if Laurel is here to stay. It could be Savitar's visions, to a reason related to Flashpoint, and it could even be Laurel from another Earth. In reality, I don't have a theory of my own because there is no evidence whatsoever and I'll wait until an official promo comes our way. All in all, this cliffhanger is very intriguing and I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here.


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