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Arrow's fifth season took the CW superhero series to new heights with the introduction of an opponent truly worthy of the term "villain." It also gave us back-to-basics fighting and the old school feel of Season 1. The series ended its season with a 100 percent "fresh" score on Rotten Tomatoes. Now comes the challenge to meet or exceed viewers' expectations in Season 6.

From what we already know, Arrow looks to be ahead of the game. Here's why this could be the most popular season yet:

Black Siren Is Here To Stay

Katie Cassidy is returning as one of the villains whom Oliver (and Black Canary) will face during the season. It's possible that she will also have a redemption story, but there is one thing we have yet to learn about this opponent — how she became . Hopefully, the producers will let us in on her backstory as they did with the first Laurel Lance.

Black Canary Is Suiting Up

Team Arrow has an official once again with Juliana Harkavy officially taking over as the leather-clad superhero. She proved herself a worthy warrior in Season 5, and the recent trailer showing us clips of battles with Black Siren has us ready for more.

Slade Wilson Is Returning to Star City

Not everyone is going to be thrilled with this decision, but Slade Wilson a.k.a is back in the city this year. Not too many characters will be happy with his presence. And we all know that division makes for good television.

Though most of his actions in Season 2 can be blamed on the mirakuru, it doesn't change the fallout. As Thea said, because of Slade, she and Oliver are orphans. Slade also kidnapped Thea and Felicity and practically leveled the city before he was finally stopped. Although he helped Oliver defeat , it's doubtful that's going to be enough to redeem him in the eyes of Team Arrow.

We'll See Oliver Queen As A Father

Oliver has played many roles over the past five seasons, many of which required him to wade into morally ambiguous territory. But he's never been responsible for a child before, which will make those grey areas a little clearer now.

As a father, Oliver will be much more of a teacher than he ever has been with the recruits. Knowing that he has a son looking up to him may force him to make different choices. In addition, though, having his son close makes Oliver that much more vulnerable to his enemies so we'll undoubtedly see a protective side of Arrow we've never seen.

The Door Is Open For An Oliver/Felicity Reunion

Oliver and Felicity have been apart since Season 4, and they've both grown and changed since their split. They've both been forced to make decisions they never thought they would; Oliver has seen himself through Felicity's eyes, and she saw what it was like to be him for a brief second.

Fans have been rooting for this couple to move beyond their issues and finally find their way back to one another, and the season finale, along with the air-clearing episode "Underneath," showed us that was a definite possibility. So there is hope for Oliver and Felicity.

Arrow has already given fans something to look forward to on October 12th. Excitement is building, and there's little doubt the ratings will show that Arrow's just getting started.

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