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After a five month absence, Arrow made an explosive return to The CW last week. In the show's Season 6 premiere, we not only saw the fallout from the shocking Season 5 finale, but we were also teased with future storylines and even got to see the Green Arrow try to be a father. However, among all the explosions and excitement, there was one element that easily stood out among the rest — and that, was Black Siren.

Arrow veteran Katie Cassidy made her full-time return to the series, portraying this new role, and despite an already crowded premiere, she managed to steal the show. With a never-ending supply of charisma and a relentless desire to get the job done, Black Siren had no issue making her mark in the packed episode.

But the most important thing we learned from her appearance is that if Arrow truly wants to be successful in its sixth season, then the show must use this newfound gem to its advantage.

Her Connection To The Team Sets Her Apart From Other Villains

From flashbacks to shocking deaths, Arrow's season premiere had it all. But aside from the Lian Yu reveals, it was just a pretty solid episode. That doesn't mean that it wasn't great (because it really was), but in general, it seemed that hopes were almost too high for it to completely deliver, and it may have fallen just a little short of some people's expectations.

Having said all that, Black Siren was undoubtedly the strongest aspect of the entire episode. From the character's intriguing and mysterious backstory, to her sassy insults, I couldn't help but find myself looking more forward to her appearances than any other aspect of the episode (and yes, that even includes the flashback reveals).

While Team Arrow have come up against some great villains in the past, none have ever had such a hold over them. Black Siren is far from pure, but she happens to have the same face as the purest character in the show's history, and she has no problem using that to her advantage. Laurel Lance meant something to everyone on the show, and when she died, everybody lost something: Quentin lost a daughter, Oliver lost his former love, Sara lost a sister, Team Arrow lost a teammate and Star City lost the Black Canary.

In "Fallout," we saw just how manipulative Black Siren can be. Knowing full well how much Laurel meant to everyone, she is happy to destroy the Black Canary's legacy while playing mind games with her loved ones. And because of this, we know that Team Arrow won't hurt her. Never has a villain had so much power over the and, quite frankly, there's nothing they can do about it.

Black Siren has no problem using Laurel's ties to her advantage. [Credit: The CW]
Black Siren has no problem using Laurel's ties to her advantage. [Credit: The CW]

While the show will undoubtedly spend a lot of time focusing on its numerous rumored Big Bads (including Richard Dragon, Helix and Michael Emerson's mysterious character), it would definitely be in their best interests to focus on Black Siren primarily. It's undeniable that many of Arrow's former Big Bads have been quite similar, so giving Black Siren the spotlight this year would be a refreshing way to set Season 6 apart from the rest.

Moreover, it would give Oliver an adversary with whom he has a deeply personal connection. And due to this, Earth-2 Laurel is arguably the most interesting antagonist we have ever seen on Arrow.

Her Relationship With Quentin Could Lead To Redmption

While Black Siren is undoubtedly an amazing villain, it doesn't change the fact that she is constantly surrounded by her doppelgänger's loved ones. Moreover, what complicates things further is that these people are also doppelgängers of her loved ones. We know that this version of Laurel was in love with Earth-2's Oliver Queen before he tragically died, and we also know that her father was Earth-2's Quentin Lance. Thus, there's incredible potential there for some real emotional storylines.

We were already given a glimpse of this in the Season 6 premiere. While Quentin did indeed shoot his daughter's doppelgänger on Lian Yu to protect Dinah Drake, her sudden return re-ignited those feelings of guilt. And those were feelings that Black Siren had no problem preying upon — as she told him not to torture himself because she would have done the same if the roles had been reversed.

Black Siren seemed to enjoy emotionally punishing Quentin. [Credit: The CW]
Black Siren seemed to enjoy emotionally punishing Quentin. [Credit: The CW]

However, we can't actually be sure that she was telling the complete truth. Siren's words insinuate that she has no emotional connection to Quentin and that she wouldn't have cared if she had to shoot him. But this doesn't coincide with what we know about the character. Remember, during her guest appearance last season, she revealed that she offered to help the villainous Prometheus destroy Team Arrow so that he would spare Quentin's life. Why would she go to all that effort for someone she didn't care about?

With that in mind, it's highly likely that Black Siren does feel something for her father's doppelgänger. Between calling him "Daddy" and protecting him from harm, it's clear that she there is some sort of a connection there — which suggests that there is a part of her worth saving. And thus, Quentin may be the key to her redemption.

Quentin and Laurel's relationship has always been at the heart of Arrow, but the latter's death in Season 4 brought that to an end. And as great as Season 5 was, it truly missed Laurel. However, the return of Black Siren may result in a lot of interactions between her and Quentin, and the show would be wise to capitalize upon that. While there will be an exciting new dynamic between them, actors Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy will have no issue exploring the interesting relationship between the two characters.

It Would Right The Wrongs Of Season 4

Katie Cassidy is undoubtedly an Arrow veteran. In fact, you might even say she's a CW veteran, having appeared on Supernatural, Gossip Girl and Melrose Place before starring in Arrow as Laurel Lance/Black Canary (she subsequently appeared in The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow playing the same character). So it's safe to say that she knows a thing or two about delivering a powerful performance. And that's exactly what she did during the early days of Arrow.

As the leading actress on the show, Cassidy shined as Laurel; never failing to reduce us to tears when necessary. However, as the cast became overcrowded by less important characters, the writers seemed to forget about Laurel, and thus, Cassidy wasn't given the same juicy stuff to work with. And this eventually resulted in the unjust death of the legendary Black Canary in Season 4, and the actor's departure from the show.

Cassidy portrayed Black Canary for the show's first four seasons. [Credit: The CW]
Cassidy portrayed Black Canary for the show's first four seasons. [Credit: The CW]

The mistreatment of the character led to an overwhelming amount of backlash from fans — and a sharp drop in ratings that the show never recovered from. In an attempt at damage control, the showrunners brought in a new Black Canary (Dinah "Tina" Drake). But when that didn't work, they finally announced that Cassidy would return to the show full-time as Laurel's evil Earth-2 doppelgänger.

While Siren has been featured on both Arrow and The Flash in the past, the Season 6 premiere of Arrow was the first time that the character really got a chance to shine in a starring role. As the episode's main antagonist, she was fierce, deadly and gleefully manipulative, and it was a joy to watch. Cassidy gave us such an alluring and powerful performance that, despite the character's inherent evilness, it was simply impossible to hate her.

It's clear that the showrunners seem to be committed to giving Cassidy much juicier material to work with, and after their mistakes in Season 4, let's hope they continue to do so. But introducing Black Siren was only the beginning. Now let's hope they show Dinah Laurel Lance the respect that she should have been getting all along.

Walk like a Siren: Black Siren raises some hell. [Credit: The CW]
Walk like a Siren: Black Siren raises some hell. [Credit: The CW]

While Arrow's Season 6 premiere wasn't perfect, its introduction of Black Siren into the main narrative was executed brilliantly. The character's return was well-received by fans and critics, and her scenes were undoubtedly the best in the episode. While having Katie Cassidy back on our screens is more than enough to be happy about, seeing her unleash this whole other side highlights her versatility as an actress.

With the show looking to thrive in its new era, it's imperative that Season 6 stands out among the rest. And if the season premiere is anything to go by, then the best possible way of achieving that is to focus on Black Siren. There are countless storylines for thee character just waiting to be explored — and as we all saw in the premiere, she thrives in the spotlight. This wouldn't just give her the chance to steal the show once again, but it would also help right the wrongs that Earth-1 Laurel endured during Season 4.

While Team Arrow may eventually find the good in her, and prove to be her shot at redemption, the most important part of this story is that Black Siren is Arrow's shot at redemption. And it's vitally important that she is allowed to shine throughout the rest of the show's run.

Would you like to see more of Black Siren in Season 6 of Arrow? Let us know in the comments below!


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