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Fans are still riding high on Arrow Season 5's excellent season finale. The show ended its fifth season by bringing together all the characters on the island that had played pivotal roles for the past five seasons — only for it explode. Ever since the season ended, the Arrowverse fandom has been ablaze speculating as to who survived and how. While we know the fate of some members of Team Arrow, there are certain characters that will have to pay the ultimate price for Oliver Queen's transgressions. Looking at all the characters, only one character remains easily expendable. I'm talking, of course, about Mr. Terrific himself, Curtis Holt.

The Terrific Mr. Holt

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Curtis was introduced in Season 4 when the writers decided on making Arrow more lighthearted. Those who remember Season 3 and 4, might recall that the season was pretty Felicity heavy, and Curtis was introduced primarily to help show how Felicity dealt with life as the employee and then CEO of Palmer Technologies.

What was sad about this characterization, apart from the fact that his whole appearance on the show seemed to be for the service of another, was that Curtis was pretty much a carbon copy of Felicity. Both were tech experts (though Curtis was shown to be much more gifted), both could hack and they had an identical sense of humor. So much so, that Curtis seemed to resemble a male (and gay) version of Felicity.

Gradually, as Arrow picked up its pace, we got more Mr. Terrific arcs. We witnessed his turn to vigilantism and his joining of Team Arrow, the gradual dissolution of marriage and his eventual divorce. We saw him transform into Mr. Terrific with the iconic "Mister Fair Play" jacket and his T-balls. All the while, Curtis remained the most boring element of the show.

To his credit, actor Echo Kellum was great. Season 5 (like the rest of the show) was a high for his character. Although one still can't say that Curtis finally came into his own in Season 5, he came pretty damn close. His banter, not to mention his jokes, were much better and he felt much less like Felicity sans Y-chromosome, but he still didn't bring anything new to the table, nor could he be called an invaluable member of Team Arrow. The fact that his absence, while reducing the number of puns cracked in The Arrow Cave wouldn't greatly effect the core dynamic of the group, makes him an easy person to cast off.

Why Curtis Will Most Definitely Be Dead

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Holt's lack of skills as a fighter (or his expendability as a character) isn't the primary reason why I'm claiming that he will be on the chopping block. One thing that sticks out about him is the fact that he's the only character who doesn't have an arc that's set in motion.

Out of the original Team Arrow, Oliver will have to deal with the fall out of Prometheus's actions, Diggle is going to have his own arc and Felicity is going to go up against hacker group Helix. Thea Queen can't die too, per EP Marc Guggenheim's rule about Oliver's family. Then there's Deathstroke and Dinah, who were one of the few people shown to be alive in the Comic-Con footage; ditto for Black Siren, who has an upcoming arc of her own that will be explored come Season 6.

It's also fair to assume that Laurel will have to interact with Quentin (her father's doppelgänger) and that means that he needs to be alive as well. Out of the remaining two Team Arrow members, Renee is still in the middle of fighting for his daughter, and it seems illogical for the writers explain his back story only to abruptly close the chapter.

This eliminates everyone except for Curtis, whose only arc can be that Season 6 will see him become better as a fighter. That in itself isn't a bad character arc — Laurel essentially went through the same process in Season 3, and her journey to become Black Canary was one of the most exciting parts of the season — but compared to everyone else, it seems really thin.

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Another fact of great weight is that Curtis is one of the only characters whose contract wasn't renewed for Season 6. The original members of the Team Arrow are said to have long contracts (Stephen Ammel's is for seven years, and we can assume that Digg's and Felicity's are somewhat similar). Black Siren actress Katie Cassidy is confirmed to be the series regular in Season 6. Both of the new recruits, Juliana Harkavy's Black Canary and Rick Gonzalez's Wild Dog have been upped to series regular for Season 6. Echo Kellum is the only character who is yet to be contractually obligated to return for Season 6, which makes his death all the more certain.

His death certainly also works with the tidbits we know about Season 6. Curtis dying won't affect as much as someone like Felicity or Thea's death might, so this supports Guggenheim's claim that the show won't make Oliver more gloomy than he is but rather more learned and wise.

It can also serve as a motivating factor for Felicity to work against Helix, given that her previous boyfriends death triggered "Dark Felicity" to emerge in Season 5, and another personal loss may make her all the more volatile and looking for blood.

All in all, Curtis is a good person to bid adieu. While being a core member of the Team, his death won't destabilize the group for long and will help make Prometheus an even more memorable villain. If my theory is true, fans will be sad to miss the chance to see Curtis turn into the badass Mr. Terrific from the comics that we all know and love. Luckily for us, we'll find out who does and doesn't make it out alive in the season premiere, when Arrow returns this fall.

Who do you think will die on the island? Tell me below!


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